If no one did anything illegal, unethical or conspiratorial, why would you be considering pardons for these people?

Nancy Pelosi endorses a bill that would allocate money for legalizing marijuana but no mention of Covid-19. She claims to be a Catholic Chrisitian. Are you kidding me?

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Loeffler and Perdue may be interested in their own fortunes, but their opponents have no interest in saving America. Lord have mercy on the state of Georgia.

Let us see how Biden fairs when he faces constant adversity the way Trump did.

To the person saying Biden’s cabinet is corrupt and criminal: I doubt you know who any of them are. Just in case you forgot, Trump is going to be gone and hopefully some real professionals will shine.

Carlton, you hit the nail on the head with your editorial on the “management” jobs in our city and county governments: 90% are hired by race, friends or kin folks of the ones hiring, and without regard to qualifications. They develop an attitude that we cannot operate without them. You mentioned a $90,000 salary: I can think of no more than five or six jobs in the city and county governments that should make that kind of money.

Fascinating story on the evolution of the little brewery downtown and all the businesses of the Pretoria Fields Collective. At least someone is willing to do something in Albany.

From support to resist: Democratic ideals once aspiring and worthy of support — equality, justice and inclusion — the now unveiled BLM movement and the activist radical liberal left of Sanders, AOC, now Warnock and Abrams have hijacked and transformed into a revolution to resist. Its not about candidates, its foundations of the nation at stake..

Many people are requesting absentee ballots so they can add illegal Democratic votes and rig the runoff elections like they rigged the presidential election.

Squawker, you mentioned how insignificant Kelly Loeffler’s $1 million donation to Phoebe Putney was. Why didn’t you mention how far less significant the stock trades her advisors made on her behalf were?

A lot of people in recent years have died of overdoses. I have never heard of one dealer being held accountable. Corruption in law enforcement needs to be looked into.

It’s reassuring to know the Republican sheep allow the worship of their masters to go beyond Trump. These are the people who defend Loeffler’s and Perdue’s trading stocks on inside information knowing that the coronavirus was going to devastate this country. Their greed is unimaginable, and yet you sheep continue to follow and make excuses for them.

This was like a bitter pill for me to swallow, but I have to yield to Yours Truly and That Masked Man and admit that Trump lost the election in Georgia. It is also surprising and disappointing that my very best friend, George, a conservative Republican, voted for Biden on his mail-in ballot. What is more disturbing is that George died 12 years ago.

My spiritual adviser says that this COVID-19 is our punishment for electing Cry-Baby Trump instead of Crooked Hillary. It is time for conservatives to repent.

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