Remember a few months ago all of the experts were saying COVID-19 could not thrive in hot climates? Well, don’t look at the new numbers in California, Florida and Texas, especially along the coastal towns. Seems the experts were very wrong.

Consultants make mega-bucks looking at your watch and telling you what time it is.

Cynthia, president of the homeowner’s association on the insurance commercial, reminds me of Nancy Pelosi. It’s her way or pay the consequences.

If mothers and fathers would raise their kids not to break the law and to respect the police, there would not be trouble in the streets.

No surprise, a multi-state surge in Chinese plague cases after weeks of marches and protests coast to coast. The other surges coming from college beach partying and from migrant farm workers in rural areas. It’s not the re-opening of the economy at fault. It’s moronic people not accepting that protection and distancing saves lives.

Sean Hannity, Trump’s minister of propaganda, was saluted by Marines as he boarded Marine One. Trump boarded minutes after him. Hannity never served. He never even finished college. Money and power are valued more than service to our country. He is a disgrace to expect the military to salute him.

So is the NASCAR Talladega dustup just “fake noose?”

Donald Trump described as a “righteous man?” Just when I thought conservative squawks can’t get more ridiculous, they get more ridiculous. I’m posting that one on Facebook, as I’m sure my friends can use a good laugh.

Fletcher, thank you for your exceptional column on Sunday. People need to think about where others have been before judging them ... or don’t judge them at all until you know their character, and we’ll all be a lot better off.

Once all these liberals get over this virus hoax, the greatest American president will get the economy rolling again. Trump forever!

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

Price gouging going strong at the convenient stores. Gas prices jump 41 cents in the past month an half.

I guess we can add Melania Trump to the list of people who have outdealed the dealmaker since he became president. Let me start another column.

FCS wouldn’t know truth and right if it slammed him, her, it, right between the eyes.

I know the airlines are hurting during the pandemic; if they really wanted to “get-tough” they would not just ban offenders from future flights. How about sharing info with one another about these passengers and not allowing them on board or removing them from planes if they refuse to cover their faces? And if not done already, provide masks at the gate. Now that would be getting tough.

The Seattle mayor finally came to her senses when someone was murdered in the CHOP zone that she claimed was just a block party. The group of crazies in there prevented the first responders from entering the area when they were called. Who could have seen that coming?

You had me after the first two sentences of your squawk. But don’t blame the media for Georgia’s voting snafu. That honor goes to our corrupt politicians.

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