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Wynfield Park, please open back up soon. We miss our loved ones, and they miss us desperately. Their well-being depends on family; isolation is not good for them.

Sorry, Squawker, I think it makes perfect sense to call out crooked (or, in this case, lunatic) politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene. Never mind that she’s made a laughingstock of Georgia, she also is conning decent people out of their life savings by scaring them with idiotic fantasy conspiracy theories.

It appears that we will be wearing masks and social distancing for some time because the majority of people are too ignorant to take the vaccine.

If anyone in your town wants to know how to put on an event — safely, and with plenty for everyone — get in touch with the Exchange Club in Albany. I have visited the club’s fair a couple of times, but the car show over the weekend was one of the most enjoyable events I’ve ever been to. And, post-COVID, it was a boost for everyone who attended.

Jaslyn Adams was a 7-year-old girl sitting in her father’s car at a Chicago McDonald’s waiting to get her Happy Meal. Sadly, she never got that meal as she was shot six times by gang members. The Democrats, the media and BLM have said nothing. To them, her life did not matter. Only the lives of criminals shot by police matter. What a sick society.

Mr. Lyons needs to take his opinions back to Arkansas.

America needs to wake up to the reality that our society will never return to a sense of normalcy until we get Biden and his minions out of office and return power to the greatest president in American history. We need to take action now.

Sorry, Ms. Bowles, but it was you and the shredding company that dropped the ball Saturday. Communication is a two-way street. I kind of agree with B.J. ... it would be more responsible to work with a local company.

If I lived on the border and my property was being invaded multiple times daily, I would exercise my constitutional right to protect my family and my property. I would set up my own obstacle course of razor wire, etc. Enough is enough of illegal disregard for the laws of a country they want to immigrate to.

For decades, Judy Bowles has waded into the trash of sorry people too slovenly to properly get rid of their debris, and she’s never complained. Just because a company that was supposed to be here didn’t communicate properly and didn’t make it, some are turning on her. Shame on you. She is part of what’s good in Albany.

For years, we have been using the acronym SMR for small-minded republicans. But after reading all the hateful and vitriolic statements in favor of the voter suppression act, against the George Floyd verdict, and referencing the Ahmaud Arbery case, SMR now has the dual meaning of small-minded Republican and so many racists. Signed, Yours Truly

Kids can’t figure the basic principles of the subjects they’re taking in school, but they can work all the complicated apps on their ever-present cellphones. We teach our kids the wrong values and wonder why they’re in constant states of arrested development.

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