Those of you mocking Dip Gaines for his name show your true nature. Rather than talking about the concerns with your incumbent, you attack a man because of his name and spread lies about gang involvement. Y’all are some really low-down people. But, rest assured, your time is almost up.

Perhaps the only way to end these “flash mob” thefts by hooded thugs in California and Illinois is to show them the “flash” from a muzzle. Harsh, but harsh measures are needed.

Any gatherings at an in-session court are to intimidate and influence. You can say “support the family” all you want, you are there to show your support of your desired verdict and your distrust of the system reaching that verdict without your influence.

Sadly, there are people out there who still believe that Donald Trump is the president. If you know any of these people, or you are one of those people, seek psychiatric help because clearly you need it. Someone tell these lunatics that the only way you’ll see another Trump presidency is if Santa brings you one for Christmas. Signed, Yours Truly

The Herald’s printing of the Squawk that Mr. Cleland was a “GI Joke” shows their disrespect for Vietnam Veterans. Shame.

Those of you who call Demetrius Young racist need to take a look in a mirror. Just like y’all didn’t care about Trump’s anti-social and anti-Christian comments as you worshipped him while he was in office, we don’t care about our commissioner’s past. He’s trying to get things for us. That’s what we expect.

Republicans better recall Newt Gingrich, the right wing has lost its mojo.

I just got told today that I was the only one complaining in my area (northwest Albany) about missing papers in the mail, and in replacing them (and not getting return answers?) When I got three neighbors’ papers last week (duplicates), I find that hard to swallow. I get none all week, then they come in a huge bunch or two.

Biden says he will run again in 2024. I say hurray for him. He is so out of it that he doesn’t realize that will help the GOP.

Thank all your Democratic friends for the outrageous daily gas price increases. Cancel the Keystone pipeline, cancel new oil and gas leases, and propose new taxes on oil and gas. Bingo, predictable higher fuel prices abound, and grocery prices and ... and you get the picture. Signed, the Patriot

Complain about us seeking all black commissioners all you want, but it’s only right that we get to run things in a community that’s 70% black. We know how to run our own business, and we know what’s important to us. Hint: It’s not a sewer system.

Joe Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate was all about making money from any fines. Not about public safety.

As a lifelong NFL fan, I thought giving up watching games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday would be as difficult as giving up carbs for my new diet. I was wrong. I don’t even watch the highlights anymore. I gave up on the NBA years ago, and I’ve learned that I can do a lot better things with my time than watch a bunch of millionaires talk about how they’re mistreated.

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