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Harley Calhoun was and will continue to be a quality educator and administrator. The PSC, which is primarily composed of former superintendents, has and will continue to side with school superintendents in 99.9% of the cases. School teachers and school administrators have no hope for support from the biased PSC.

To the person who had a utility bill that went up a hundred dollars. I bet it wasn’t the water. Or trash. Or gas. It was electric. Twenty-five extra a week and the heat and humidity is twice what it was in the earlier part of the year.

I wish the media would stop using the term “Democratic Socialist.” These two forms of government are polar opposites. You can be one or the other, but not both.

PTSD is considered a mental illness. Will those suffering from it lose their rights to own guns? Anger issues are one of the common symptoms, and many are being treated so those are on a list and readily identified.

Mr. Fletcher, will the “Elders of the Internet” use good judgment and put a stop to the porn-site emails?

The Worth County school superintendent must have something to hide when he complains about media coverage. The student/parent protests must have been fact-based, and he didn’t like it. “Hit dog hollers.”

Great, now I’ve got the “Wally Gator” theme stuck in my head.

The Trump tariffs are not working. We are subsidizing more money to farmers than we are collecting on the tariffs. Since China can control their economy, they are not being hurt like America.

Southeastern Groceries is a business. For a business to exist, it must be profitable. If the old Harvey’s was able to produce a decent return on investment, it would be open. This decision is based on many things, location and customer base the primary ones. Place the fault where it belongs, not the convenient target.

“Rawhide,” “Bonanza,” “Scooby-Doo,” “Jeopardy!” “The Office” ...

Reaction to the recent El Paso mass shooting, and similar others lies directly at the feet of Congress for past bad immigration legislation and failure to change it to comply with the Constitution.

Brian Kemp owes Georgians an apology for his irresponsible campaign ads that endorsed violence against people who don’t look and sound like him. Politicians such as Kemp bear responsibility for creating a climate where violence against non-whites is made to appear normal.

I support Americans having a gun for their safety, and a rifle for hunting. But I do not believe assault rifles should be included. If someone needs that type of rifle, keep it stored in a police-like location, and when it needs to be checked out, have a thorough check on the person wanting to use it. We have had too many mass shootings in America.

As soon as the tragedies occurred in Texas and Ohio, the NRA propaganda machine started cranking out the “It wasn’t guns” noise. The organization’s leadership is nothing but heartless garbage, using tragedy to fire up their followers.

Don’t listen to the weather people for Albany. We were supposed to get rain (heavy at times) so where was it? It didn’t rain at all.

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