Drove through several cemeteries in Fulton County and was surprised at the number of “I voted for Biden/Harris” signs still up on gravesites.

Like many moderately conservative voters, I voted for Biden because (a) the thought of four more years of Trump was a nightmare and (b) I thought he could control the left-wing snowflakes, which does not seem to be happening. Please, Republican Party, give me a better choice.

To the squawker who’s interested in money: Follow the money? There is NONE. The city has refused to renew the contract, support the work of the facility and take care of animals in need. Never have animals been transferred in from out of state. Just because you say it is so does not make it so. You have clearly shown that what you know, you don’t really know and what you think is not so.

As I watched Congress grill Biden’s generals over the Kabul disaster, I find it amazing that no one was punished for the rookie mistakes made that resulted in the deaths of 13 servicemen and the taking of hundreds of hostages that were left behind.

It is really loco for Locos to drop those great Firecracker Sliders from their menu.

Amen, Fletcher. That commercial is one of the most sickening things I’ve ever seen on TV. Have our standards dropped so low that this kind of stuff is now OK?

When the power of love is greater than the love of power, then and only then will there be peace.

To deflect attention from his multiple failures, President Biden’s staff lied when they said the border patrol used bullwhips to beat illegal immigrants. Biden immediately tried and convicted them and promised they would “pay.” Meanwhile, a female American soldier has reported being assaulted by male Afghan refugees at Fort Bliss, N.M. Biden is quiet as a church mouse.

CDC Director Wallensky disagreed with the 16 FDA members who voted to give the COVID booster only to ages 65 and up and those with compromised immune systems. She fulfilled Joe’s dream.

Biden and Pelosi and Democrats are out of their ever loving minds with their spending. The democrats don’t believe in staying within a budget.

If all of the anti-vaxxers die, who will be left to watch Fox News?

I’m looking forward to the symphony orchestra kicking off its season. That’s another reminder of the world we once had and could get back to if these ill-informed people would just get vaccinated. Maybe Trump will tell them it’s OK or we can raise enough money to pay them off.

Stop thinking Trump. Stop thinking Trump. Think “America is still great.” Damn the Marxists.

Jen Psaki should work for Maytag. She can out-spin a Maytag washer any day of the week.

So we have another book, this one by former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham (who never gave a press conference), telling us how awful Trump was. How shocking. These people should have told us long before now, in real time, instead of waiting until he left office. That Vaccinated Man

I bet if they had cops on horses whipping innocent people at the Jan 6 non-riots, Maxine Waters would be praising them for doing a good job.

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kathy pate

Is it possible to have mowers pick up large particles of trash prior to mowing them into thousands of pieces? Gladly picking up trash but it is far more difficult to pick up a large amount of small pieces instead of a few larger ones.

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