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Looking at some of the Readers Choice winners in The Albany Herald, I think it’s quite obviously someone “cooked the books.” The whole voting-once-an-hour thing online was geared toward certain businesses. And no special section to announce the winners? Half-hearted money grab.

Sorry, Trump lovers, your hope of “taking back America” is never going to happen. I’m sure you’re tuning up your banjo for those days of sitting on the veranda and watching the “help” pick your cotton and shine your shoes. Never again, America, never again.

The opportunity the Democrats will have to impeach Trump is at the ballot box in 2020.

The non-Christian fake Christian squawker doesn’t need to worry about us living with our beliefs, he needs to worry about living with his disbeliefs. One day he will have to answer for his sins.

I find it amazing that people like Luke Bryan credits “my hometown” for helping him become this huge, megastar making millions and millions of dollars, but he has completely turned his back on his hometown. See you on the way back down, Luke.

The Worth County Board of Education has been hiring some unqualified, no-experience, criminal, pedophile, racist bullies, and the list goes on. But they want to get rid of the good ones. The state department of education in Atlanta needs to clean house.

The Albany Mall is a really sad place right now. There are only a handful of stores still open, and it’s become nothing more than a hangout for would-be thugs and old people walking.

Kemp and his Republican buddies who went against the wishes of the majority of Georgians and passed the unconstitutional abortion law may joke and proclaim “we don’t need that Hollywood money” now as big productions shut down, but wait until those billions of dollars in commerce go away.

The NBA finals are happening right now. Didn’t know that. Didn’t care. Still don’t.

There is a hugely profitable industry based on drug law enforcement. That is a cost to taxpayers. Legalizing the drugs would convert them to a profit center for taxpayers, not the criminals.

I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.

Our fundamental rights are the backbone of this country, but people like these two monsters that killed the little baby forfeited their rights as human beings. Please, let’s not worry about hurting their feelings or about how hard their lives were. Let’s punish them as harshly as they punished that child.

Let’s just face it. America is now officially great again. Donald Trump has reformed our country in his image, and we’re all better off. We need to quit resisting and just do whatever he tells us to do. He’s not the second coming, but he’s the closest thing to it.

Since the fake Christian squawker likes to put out fake news, he should get a job at CNN except they are not hiring right now.

The main vice of capitalism is the uneven distribution of prosperity. The main vice of socialism is the even distribution of misery.

Squawker: I too love the Showtime show “Our Cartoon President.” Maybe some of these blind followers of our real cartoon president should watch it and see what kind of people are making fools of them.

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