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Washington twiddles its thumbs (on Twitter) as our planet continues to burn up. Too bad all these gasbags in the Capital won’t be around for the demise of the planet they helped bring on. They deserve to suffer.

To the squawker doubting that the Kendrick Brothers’ movie “Overcomer” made over $20 million: You need to see the movie to find out who you are and overcome your bitterness and hatred.

The Grammar Guy is the perfect definition of “word nerd.” And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Write on, Grammar Guy!

Squawker, Commissioner Marietta has guided us through four storms in three years, replaced old expensive streetlights with new and more effective LED lights, paved more streets than ever before, and kept the crime rate lowest in Ward IV. He also supports the Boys and Girls Clubs and our many neighborhood watches.

The NRA was called a bad name by the city of San Francisco! Send all your money to HQ or they’re going to take all your guns away!

Don’t listen to the bull that the local politicians have started spreading about what they’ll do if elected. Remember: It always takes four votes to get anything passed. These “lone wolf” candidates who promise they’re going to make all kinds of changes are just blowing smoke.

Can someone tell me if it’s unethical for Georgia coroners to refer death cases to Atlanta injury lawyers?

In 2020, Mississippi will be the 35th state to legalize cannabis.

I don’t know when the Herald will run its election previews on these local candidates, but I hope it’s soon. I need some information.

Trump and his fake Christians invited the Taliban to Camp David during the week of 9/11. That (dunce) doesn’t know they have American blood on their hands.

The squawker complaining about businesses supporting ASU during homecoming is the same one to complain if they did not show support during homecoming. Hypocrisy at its best.

A high school cheerleader is on trial for allegedly murdering her newborn baby. When I see and hear liberals on TV advocate abortion the day before delivery due date (and some after delivery), I feel our young people are being taught murder is acceptable.

Welfare should be as hard to get as veterans’ benefits.

Rusal, the Russian aluminum company, sent a team of high-paid lobbyists to Washington to get U.S. sanctions lifted. One of the lobbying targets was “Moscow Mitch,” who helped get them lifted. Before 2018 elections, a Rusal shareholder contributed more than $1 million to a GOP campaign fund tied to Moscow Mitch. The sanctions were lifted, and now Rusal is building a $200 million plant in Kentucky. I guess Moscow Mitch is Putin’s _itch.

Just read the story online about BoDean & the Poachers. Excellent story about a really exciting band. Brandon Fox and the boys deserve to get some publicity. Go and download their single “I Ain’t a Saint.”

Love or hate him, there is definitely going to be a leadership void with Ed Rynders stepping down from his House seat. We need someone who is as involved and knowledgeable as Rynders to step up and offer for the seat.

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