My brother-in-law says that they’re putting computer chips from new Ford trucks into the COVID shots. He also prefers to watch ice hockey instead of football, baseball or basketball ... Hmmmmm.

Shame on you people for bashing the coroner. I think he deserves hazardous pay. Would you have handled the 300 or more local bodies killed by COVID?

Now I know why the Dougherty County coroner needs more transportation money from our tax coffers. He uses his county-owned car on personal missions all over town. With the highest property tax in the state, that’s abhorrent and shameful.

Tick-tock ... Bow-tie Billy, Your Dis-honor and Faithful Follower.

Reminder: Wednesday’s editorial was over the head of some readers.

Our trash sits for months before Express picks it up. Worst company we have ever had. Why can’t someone make them do their job?

Since all our Southern heritage statues are being removed by a certain group of people, I believe all statues from all heritages — black, white, Hispanic, and Asian — should be removed in all states including Washington, D.C. Only Native American Indian statues should remain. After all, it was their country first.

Best political cartoon of the day: a couple talking, man says 50% of Americans have now been vaccinated. Woman says the other 50% think Trump won the election. That Masked Man

I’m sure Warren Grant is a nice guy and is someone at the paper’s close friend, but do we really need to be subjected to his stream-of-semiconsciousness ramblings on a regular basis? He comes off as just a cranky old dude.

Trump wanted it all and Biden wants to give it all away. Either way, the people of America are the losers.

To all of you who were absent, playing hooky, or just not paying attention ... the United States was set up as a republic, not a democracy. The pledge to the flag is “to the republic for which it stands.”

When will the incorrect school zone speed limit sign (7:30-8:30 and 3:30-4:30) located in the yard at 2323 Pheasant Drive for Lake Park Elementary be corrected to read (7:15-8:15 and 2:15-3:15)? I reported this to the school personnel in 2020 at the beginning of the school year, but to date it has not been corrected. Just wondering?

No matter your political leanings, you surely cannot condone what is occurring at our southern border or do you?

Thanks to Jason and Clint. Express is doing a great job for us. Dick Martin would be proud of y’all.

Suppose you own one or more of those guns. You had better get the tools, instructions and parts to keep it running.

So our coroner is paying $550 a body to be carried to the state crime lab and Lee County is paying $150? I would think the next step is to investigate the company charging $550 and their connection with our coroner. Or hire the company that will do the job for $150. Something does not smell right about the coroner’s office and the budget.

Great column Wednesday, Carlton. I doubt if the truth will set any of them free.

What freebies does the Goober State have to offer Trumpsters to get vaccinated before they get the COVID?

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I’m so glad Carlton knows all the criteria of being a Republican!


I get very offended when they tear down the founders of this country so I.guess that means we tear down theirs so I’m not so offended

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