As Albany/Dougherty commissioners won’t even talk about seniors getting a property tax break, on school taxes especially, Moultrie is going to mail tax rebates to its seniors. And we continue to pay the highest property taxes in the state.

The quantity of Americans who trust government and globalists and want to be vaccinated is simply astonishing. The so-called vaccine is patented as gene therapy and alters a person’s DNA. It is part of the evil globalist world depopulation plan by Bill Gates and others to reduce the population from 8 billion to 500 million.

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Biden is downplaying that our economy will grow at 9% in the first quarter and COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are dropping like a rock. Good news is bad news when you are trying ram through a $1.9 trillion pork-filled package.

Shame on Georgia Republican legislators and leaders who are responding to defeats in 2020 not by changing any of their policies but by seeking to limit and restrict voting and curtailing absentee and mail-in voting.

Same old same old in Georgia: The Atlanta folks get everything they want, and the leftover crumbs are scattered out among the rest of the state. Rather than talking about south Georgia having no internet, maybe this metro Atlanta representative should look into what it would take to get some of that Atlanta tax funding for this region.

I really don’t care to hear anything else about Harry and Meghan.

The mailbox damage and non repairs were a result of vandalism. It was probably yo precious baby who vandalized it. That or you’re a product of DOCO school system and didn’t read about the vandalism. No surprise you’re misinformed. The Democratic Party is the party of the misinformed thanks to the media telling you the part of the story they want you to hear.

The COVID vaccine is safe. There have not been multiple deaths. Don’t listen to ignorant squawks. Hundreds of thousands of folks around the world have taken it. Deaths are rare. I took it with no side effects. I feel great. My 93-year-old mother in law took hers and is doing great. I’m an RN. I know a bit more than your local yokel.

Kemp, like his puppet master Trump, does not deserve a second term. Kemp believed Trump’s lie that COVID-19 was not as deadly as it is. Kemp even admitted he didn’t know asymptomatic people could get COVID. We need a leader who understands basic science and will do what’s best for Georgians. Not another marionette of a failed, wannabe autocrat.

Banks have their lobbies and drive-thrus open. Restaurants have their dining areas open. Why the hell can’t Albany Utilities open their facilities? Guess it’s just government as usual.

Who’da thunk it: There are USPS drop boxes in northwest Albany, some only a short distance from Meredyth Drive. Get a grip, Squawker: The world doesn’t revolve around you.

China’s greatest tech threat to America is control of 5G wireless communication. China will be in a position to spy and remotely manipulate the world’s smartphones, cars, pacemakers, thermostats, and other devices. Biden has opened America’s door to Communist China.

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