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Never trust a man with a comb-over.

The crowded mayoral field is proof of the lack of leadership and the work to lower crime rates and reduce poverty. Industry will not come to Albany because there is litter, but high crime rates and hospital price gouging will turn an industry away faster than anything.

So three self-absorbed, sanctimonious little commissioners do not trust the voters to do the right thing? Let’s see if they garner the votes to stay in their self-anointed ivory towers at the next election.

Remember a vote for David Perdue is a vote against the “do-nothing Democrats” in Congress. The no-common-sense Democratic party.

Loved the story on David Krantz and his son and their trips on the country’s big rivers. What amazing stories they must have to tell.

To the squawker about Perdue and McConnell: Since the Democrats took control on the Senate there has been no one working. All Democrats are out trying to be president, none qualified. Need to suspend pay.

Thank you for the story on the Pecan City Pedalers and the Nut Roll. Like the young lady in the story said, they are such a friendly and welcoming group. And the Nut Roll is one of the cool events in the city. I’ll be at Chehaw on Sept. 14.

Trump’s low IQ followers were smart enough to vote Trump in and keep Hillary out.

The NFL must have lost their marbles. If they think picking Jay Z to represent the NFL with their social justice programs will help their imagine they have completely lost their minds. Has there ever been a bigger fool and racist?

So, squawker is blaming Trump for Epstein’s death. Just when you thought squawkers could not get any dumber.

Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors are having too many kids.

The Democrats want government-controlled health care because they understand if you control health care, you control the people.

It’s getting difficult to continue hearing the constant lies mouthed by Democrats. I know it will get worse as we get closer to 2020. I had hopes that they would have accepted the truth about the 2016 election but that’s not going to happen. I hope they will grow a little so they actually do some work in Congress. Again, I doubt it.

Political activism apparently pays a lot better than being a lawyer for at least one lady.

The choice to have Sunday alcohol package sales should be made by the voters of Albany and not the city commissioners. It is time to vote out of office all of the commissioners that denied the right for us to vote. Looks like they work for the package stores and not the people of Albany.

Trump’s fake Christians love when he insults and demeans other people. This actually says more about them than the buffoon in the White House.

People put Ken Nugent down because he’s successful. But his success hasn’t kept him from helping this and other communities in our area. I say Thank you, Mr. Nugent, there are those of us here who appreciate all you’ve done for us.

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