Only in America would blacks have to have their own holidays because whites celebrated whites, took credit for black contributions and lied about what blacks did; Colleges because whites didn’t even want blacks to learn to read certainly not attend a college, Black Miss America because white judges chose white winners. You’re the racist, blacks are only celebrating their culture because you didn’t.

Capital crime in Albany has dropped drastically in 2020. It is August and only 10 people have been killed.

The Lone Ranger and what’s his name both think that they are so intelligent, but I don’t think either one has enough sense to pour pee out of a boot. Rather be an SMR than a dud.

Folks, we need to stop making fun of Biden. The man has a serious health problem. He is what we used to say, feeble-minded or nowadays, he has a serious mind problem. I can understand why there are people wanting to be VP so bad; they will be president before the four years are up.

That whirring noise you hear is the collective Founding Fathers spinning in their graves.

MSNBC newscaster says Trump is putting out misinformation. This comes from a network that constantly puts out misinformation.

Just when you think an SMR has scraped the bottom of the barrel, one digs a little deeper. This SMR questioned why the coroner would have any knowledge of medical science for the living, and then stated it must be easier to get into undertaker school than medical school. This SMR must not realize that a coroner has to have a bachelor’s degree in a criminal justice field and graduate medical school. That SMR probably never graduated high school. Signed Yours Truly

We give bad people power when we ignore or defend their illegal and immoral deeds. In 1963, police secretly locked almost 30 12-15-year-old black girls in a Leesburg stockade for two months for trying to buy movie tickets at a “white only” window. Since 2018, Trump has caged migrant infants and toddlers away from their parents. In 2020, Trump ignored murder bounties on U.S. troops and has started gassing and arresting white people for walking on American streets.

I don’t care if you like the protesters or not, free countries don’t have secret police like they now have in Oregon. Let that sink in. That Masked Man

Peaceful protests are fine. When the rioters are not peaceful, they need to be sprayed with blue dye like they are doing in South Korea. Then you can go back and start arresting.

Quid pro quo Joe says he could have done a better job than Trump with the COVID virus, but when pressed for details he has nothing that Trump hasn’t already done. Then he goes to the old Democratic standby, play the race card.

Every American has been asked to wear a face covering. Some are not doing this. Why mandate something that will not be honored? I wear a face covering. I stop for red traffic lights. I stop for stop signs. I obey the speed limit. The same people that do not obey these laws will not wear a face covering. Laws are not enforced in Albany, and a mandate would not be enforced.

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