I got my stimulus check today. I didn’t ask for it and don’t need it. I want to donate it to a charity that will genuinely help local people who are impacted by the virus. Any suggestions?

Don Cheek did a real number on the Dougherty County Police Department when he anointed his successor. What has come afterwards makes DCP look like a real bad joke.

If the city’s going to eat the sewer system elephant “one bite at a time,” they better start chomping. $134 million makes for a helluva lot of bites. Chow down.

When I look at all the waste we’re seeing in our city and county governments during this pandemic, this is the perfect time to re-address the consolidation issue. It’s time we quit spending taxpayer money senselessly.

Thank you, Albany Herald, for an excellent article on Tracy Hester. I’ve actually really enjoyed articles about the Rails to Trails, the city’s sewage problems and some of the virus updates each day. Thanks again for your professionalism.

A request to the walkers who walk their dogs on the walking trail at the Veranda. Please clean up behind your dog. There are doggy poo stations in various places that provide bags for you to use to clean up after your dog. There are a lot of people that walk there, and we don’t want to have to play hop scotch to miss stepping in something unpleasant.

How soon after waking up is it OK to take nap?

I really appreciate the leadership of Bo Dorough, Chris Cohilas and Scott Steiner during the pandemic. Good men doing a tough job in the worst of circumstances.

So our mayor is taking Phoebe to court on behalf of Will Geer with all this virus stuff going on around us? Wow, Bo, you talk about poor timing. When the folks at our hospital are working around the clock to try and protect this community, you represent this egomaniac who doesn’t even live here in his quest to be relevant against our hospital. Wow, talk about a poor excuse for a leader.

I have discovered during the COVID-19 problem the real reason our children go to school these days ... to be fed. Forget about reading, writing and math, the only reason these mothers send their kids to school is to have food to eat. Whatever happened to parenthood?

What kind of “stimulus” are we giving today’s workers by paying them an extra $600 to sit on their a--es? Look at the unemployment numbers in Georgia. I’ve talked with employers who said their workers aren’t so eager to come back to work when they can sit on their butts, do nothing and make more money. Poorly planned.

How can the farmer’s have all this food they need to destroy when there are still the same number of people out there eating? Something isn’t making sense.

If the COVID-19 pandemic cancels the college football season, Georgia Bulldog fans will have something other than Alabama to blame for not winning the national championship.

The public works department in Americus can’t patch potholes in Americus, but they can go to Dawson and put in a water line. I guess the folks in Dawson are more important to the Americus public works than the citizens of Americus.

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