When people are arrested in riots involving looting, arson and anarchy, the “catch and release” policy on bail in affected cities emboldens wrongdoers. No penalty, no peace.

Trump had innocent protesters, including a pastor, teargassed so he could get to a church that he does not attend and hold a Bible for a photo op. And you sheep still follow this pitiful excuse for a human as if he were God. I pity you ... and our country.

In response to recent rioting, Joe Biden said “this is a wake-up call.” This means that Biden slept through eight years of the Obama-Biden administration when riots erupted several times following deaths of black men by police officers in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York. Now that Biden is awake, Trump should stop calling him “sleepy Joe.”

If I had a choice (which, clearly, I don’t) Joe Biden would not be a candidate for president; but after our current president had peaceful protesters driven back so he could defame my Christian faith for a photo op holding a Bible, I would vote for Donald Duck before I voted for Donald Trump.

I, an 80-plus, crippled female, have recycled materials three times during this pandemic. Procedure changed each time. The first time a young man called, “I can’t come to the car. You have to come get the cart.” Only the cart length separated us. Second time: A man came to the car trunk for items while I was still in the car. Third time: Young man stood with cart at car trunk saying, “I can’t get anything out of your car.” I put trunk contents in the cart he held.

I wonder if those rioters will be able to draw unemployment after their rioting job comes to an end.

So who didn’t think Trump’s Kodak moment holding a borrowed Bible outside a church was anything but strange? And this was after peaceful protesters were cleared out. I guess if he actually went inside this (or any) church, it might spontaneously combust. I’m surprised the Bible didn’t burst into flames.

My heartfelt thanks to Doug Porter for his work with prisoners. I am a big believer in this work. They can’t all be saved, but surely some will be. Hopefully soon you can begin again.

I was surprised to see that the president’s bone spurs didn’t prevent him from ambling across the park to the church for a photo op.

You know, I really don’t believe rioting is an essential job.

Police were right to teargas those demonstrators so our fearless leader could have a few moments of Christian reflection.

I believe the unnatural time spent shut away by executive order due to the coronavirus causes people to march longer in protest. They have many pent-up frustrations and much anger.

After everything that has been revealed about Trump and his administration, the people who still support him are either stupid or they are kin. Don’t worry about praying; God isn’t listening.

Donald Trump turned holy ground into a battleground for a photo op. Peaceful protesters and members of the clergy were teargassed and pushed out of the way by police so Trump could walk from the White House to St. John’s Church to hold up a Bible for a picture.

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