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Senator Perdue, in his comments blaming Democrats for delays in approving the disaster bill, failed to mention the approval was twice delayed because of objections by Republican senators. He also pointed out that the relief provided by the bill would be using borrowed money. Senator when you have to borrow money to run the government, you don’t reduce your income with a so called “tax reduction” bill, which you voted for.

The bio sketch says Will Durst used to be a “sod farmer.” It looks like he is still shoveling manure.

Carlton writes what he does to pander to the liberal mindset and make people who can think for themselves mad. That’s his idea of how to sell newspapers, even though his paper boxes don’t work on Sunday.

Trump lied when he said Mexico would pay for the wall. Why didn’t he impose tariffs on Mexico to get the wall then? Because corporate America and Senate Republicans warned Trump about hurting their business profits. Most of the junk we buy come from Mexico and Asia. Trump really doesn’t understand the world of business. That’s why he isn’t a successful deal maker.

Antenna is just north of Speaker.

There’s an old saying: “Don’t ask the question if your hiney can’t stand the answer.” Here is the answer as to why Harveys closed and there is no large grocery on the south side of Albany. Usually a grocery or any retailer cannot deal with high shoplifting and employee theft. They also cannot deal with being unable to find honest and capable employees in an area where employees feel unsafe coming to or leaving work. Same unsafe scenario also causes customers to shop elsewhere.

You people who use the Squawkbox to anonymously air your racial prejudices — with no fear of retaliation — are the same people who support that chickenhawk Trump.

Thanks, Gov. Ivey, for deciding Alabama will not tolerate child molesters and perverts. Signing the chemical castration bill sends a clear message.

To those who criticize farmers: If you think it’s so easy and lucrative, why don’t you try it and see how easy it is?

Ken Dyer may have put a positive spin on it, but what Winfred Dukes is doing is illegal, and what James Bush and his fellow racist board members are doing is illegal as well. Here’s hoping they get what they deserve.

David Perdue is such a rear-end smoocher, Trump finds it difficult to sit down for fear that he’ll sit on Perdue’s clownish face.

The Weather Channel repeated that for decades we had bad weather a few years, then good, but now the bad lasts longer. It’s the earth birthing pains “travail” of John 16: 20-21, like a woman’s, which Jesus said would come near the end.

I can sympathize with the squawker who can’t get them to fix the Sunday paper machine in front of Mike’s. A church had a school at the corner of Partridge and Westover, so they put up school zone lights, speed limit signs and employed a crossing guard. The church and the school closed back in the early ’90s, yet we still have school zone lights and a crossing guard who does nothing but sit in his truck year after year. I’ve put numerous squawks in the paper, made calls to the traffic department and school board members, but nothing ever gets done.

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