The squawker trying to defend putting a rehab center in a neighborhood by saying AA has doctors, lawyers, mothers, fathers, etc. needs to understand my squawk was not about locating an AA meeting in a neighborhood. It was about a rehab center, which typically has a large percentage of patients with a criminal record, put there by a judge’s orders. Incidentally, I have been a member of AA since 1979.

Who is looking out for Main Street in Albany? Apparently, no one. A few months ago, the County Commission chairman suggested that stores come and go. In the end, it balances out. But is anyone really looking out for Main Street?

I agree, squawker, this LSU team is one of the best in the history of college football. I don’t think anyone will dispute that they are true national champions.

I thought I voted for a new mayor. Instead, I got a preacher not preaching from a pulpit but from the mayor’s chair.

Ironically, Dougherty County has something very much in common with California, New York and New Jersey. Citizens are leaving in droves because of high taxes. High city/county property taxes cause folks to move just like high state income taxes. Two fastest-growing states are Florida and Texas, where there are no state income taxes. One of the fastest growing counties in Georgia, you guessed it, Lee County.

Excellent coverage by The Herald on the first City Commission meeting of the new year. I left that meeting feeling better about our city government.

Brace yourself, Ward IV: A rehab facility could soon be located at the end of your street thanks to the 20 people that elected Wall Banger.

Let’s see how many of those one-timers who came to the first commission meeting show up for any more. They only show up when they’re told to ... or if there’s free food.

When Trump drew his red line warning Iran that if it killed even one American, the U.S. would respond militarily, they never expected him to enforce it. His decision to take out Soleimani stunned Ayatollah Ali Khamenel and left his regime chastened. Thank you, Trump, for protecting our soldiers.

Nancy Pelosi says she wants more witnesses to testify at the Senate trial to get the facts and truth. By saying that, she just admitted that everything said during the impeachment hearing was a lie.

There is a defense mechanism called projection. A simple definition is when you attribute your own traits and emotions onto someone else or you accuse someone else of doing what you are actually doing. Republicans use this on a daily basis. Since they made such a monumental election mistake, they spend all their time accusing Democrats of hating Trump.

President Trump is trying hard to make America a safe place, and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are trying hard to make America an unsafe place.

Trump’s economy means more young people will find work and move out of their mother’s basement.

Trump is in trouble; he has taken some bad strategic advice. He is going to get the U.S. into a war with Iraq after he promised not to get into anymore wars. Trump will drown in the Swamp he promised to drain.

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