The only thing worse than COVID-19 would be Biden-20.

I hope the Russians trick me into voting for Trump again.

In the play Hamilton, one of King George’s lines reminds you of Trump when he says, “When push comes to shove, I will kill your friends and your family to remind you of my love.” His love is for himself. Trump loves large crowds making health sacrifices in order to praise his love for himself.

Why do you flag-waving, gun-toters have no problem loudly asserting your right to go mask-less during a pandemic, but not other Americans’ right to wear masks or to not stand during the national anthem? We all have the same rights. Yours do not outweigh mine or make you more of an American.

Lawn care services that block an entire lane on a two-lane residential street are a danger to drivers and should be cited by the Albany Police. This happens in all residential neighborhoods in Albany and APD knows it. Driveways and alleys are the places for these services to park.

The Herald does a great job of letting the public know how our elected senators and representatives vote on bills in the Congressional Votes section of the paper. I always read the votes, but I have never seen a vote cast by Kelly Loeffler. Perdue votes all the time but never Loeffler. What is she doing as our senator if she never casts a vote? Is she even on the Senate floor?

Good one, squawker. Saying people call your god a liar “without proof” has to be your best joke. How about those thousands of lies that fact-checkers have already debunked?

News flash, BLM. It’s not the color of one’s skin, it’s how one acts.

Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin were also submitted names to be placed on the nominating lists for possible Nobel Peace Prizes. But, like Trump, they were L-O-S-E-R-S.

I thought I had heard of everything. Video visits now for jailed felons? Can’t we find a better use of extra money in the kitty than videos in jail? What about all the elderly that can’t pay for medicine? What about the homeless? I could go on and on. The jailed do not need visits; they need to spend all their time thinking about how they are going to do better if and when they get released

It’s easy, by watching Trump, to see how somebody like Putin gets in power and stays in power. Or somebody like Hitler. We look back at history and ask how did they let that happen. It was easy. Watch the news. All of it. Not just the lies that Trump wants you to hear. It’s very easy to understand.

The city has mandated masks be worn, yet many residents continue to have huge parties with close to 100 people attending wearing no masks. It’s not fair when many have to sacrifice while others do as they please.

President Trump and his allies continue to make spurious claims that fraudulent mail ballots will contaminate the November election. This despite exhaustive investigative analysis, made by reputable data collection agencies. Mail ballot fraud is incredibly rare, and legitimate security concerns can be easily corrected.

I see Harris is already talking about a “Harris administration.” We knew that was coming.

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