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As a taxpayer, I helped pay for the new, beautiful and expensive new athletic field at Westover High. Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture of appreciation if the coaches turned out their scholar athletes and walked the field for 20 minutes every two weeks and picked up the discarded shoes, shirts, water bottles and trash?

I certainly agree with Commissioner Gray about all of the studies that we have paid for and nothing to really show for that money. I wish others had his backbone.

If there is innocence in the Trump White House, why are those that have first-hand knowledge of claims against him not allowed to testify? Why dose Trump stick with the claim the hearings for impeachment were done in secrecy when in fact there were 45 Republicans present?

One squawker, obviously a Republican, falsely stated that Democrats are dropping the impeachment proceedings against Trumpinocchio. In the same squawk, they had the audacity (I know, big word, look it up) to ask when are you going to start governing and stop spreading hate?

It’s so great to read Doug Porter’s articles. He has long been an asset to our community, and I’m pleased to learn that he’s a “regular guy,” not the kind of snob that’s typical around here.

A socialist is a communist that does not have the power to take everything from you at gunpoint ... yet!

For the squawker who cited: “Nine of 10 states with the least children in poverty are also states with the least diversity.” The Democratic/liberal PC “diversity policy” then obviously causes child poverty.

One would hope Kemp has looked at the lady’s stand on guns before finalizing his choice.

I’m really glad that Tom Seegmueller is writing articles for the newspaper. He knows this community probably better than anyone else, and he has a great handle on telling our history.

Besides giving the rich a tax cut, Trump has defended state laws that will take thousands of people off voting rolls and has forced the National Labor Relations Board to be more helpful to employers instead of unions. Trump has not helped the working-class voters that he fooled into voting for him. Even tens of thousands of people have lost health insurance by presidential order.

Trump will not be removed from office and he will go on to win 2020. This is not a prediction, this is a spoiler.

To the squawker or squawkers who wrote about diversity, both in London and states with children in poverty, you are a racist. My question for you, is it hard to type with that white sheet over your head?

After enduring eight years of Obama’s cowardly, pantywaist administration, I am profoundly gleeful of the total mental derangement of the left, induced by the Donald’s successful administration.

It’s nice to know that the drunks and alcoholics in Dougherty County can now get their alcohol on Sundays. Talk about passing a law that does no one any good.

I’m looking forward to hearing Danny Dawson sing again after the Leesburg Christmas parade. He’s a very talented artist and should be the next country superstar to come out of southwest Georgia.

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