Tracy Taylor is claiming he was “cheated” in the mayoral race. Dude, you got 600 votes, finished fifth and you went around quoting Will Geer. I guess that does make you a real Republican, though.

Dougherty County sells the old Armory property to a charter school. Once again, the county sells prime real estate to a nonprofit, which takes the property off the property tax rolls.

The great mind that was behind putting the red light on 520 at Fussell and Marlow should be driving a trash truck. It only ensures that loads of traffic on the interstate is interrupted by a couple of cars from the side roads. Truckers are furious, as are locals that live in southern Lee County; you can bet on stopping on 520 most of the time. Unbelievable.

Chad Warbington on any kind of decision-making board is a joke. All he cares about are the rich whites like him. We’ve had bad commissioners in the past and will have them again in the future, but he will be one of the worst ever.

If laws were all it took, no felon would be found in possession of a firearm. However, the penalty for the offense is apparently so minimal we read everyday about another felon in possession of a firearm. This law isn’t a deterrent, as laws should be, but simply an added charge to be bargained away.

Can’t believe 2,774 folks voted for the Con Man. Hard to believe there are that many trusting souls on the voter rolls who fell for his trash.

Sorry, Henry, we’re going to limit our local government to one convicted felon at a time. Check back in four years ... the city can use more of Bob Brooks’ money.

The problem with socialism is you can vote your way into it, but you have to shoot your way out of it.

If ASU wants to play traffic revenue cop, they need to start working wrecks and maybe even patrol some of the neighborhoods and catch the people not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. Or maybe they could patrol the campus?

The owner of the State Theatre has done nothing to improve that building. He keeps trying to get people to hold events there while the place continues to fall down around them. He — and it — is a sham.

Keep building subsidized housing Albany, ruin yourself beyond any hope of repair. As Pogo said years ago, “We have met the enemy and they are us.”

Let them impeach Trump: There’s an army of us out there, armed and just waiting for his command.

The only bills the do-nothing Democrats tried to pass are the ones the Senate did the right thing in not passing.

Trump lies about being be too busy as president to golf. Within 1,021 days as president, he has spent 313 days at Trump hotels and 237 days at Trump golf courses. Taxpayers spent over $100 million for travel, lodging and security so Trump could visit properties he says he has no income from. To whom does most of the money go? Maybe it could help build a wall.

When I grow up, I want to be an adult.

The lemur saw his shadow when he pulled off Yolanda’s wig: That means we’ve got an early winter coming. Get ready for a whole bunch of warnings for “Weather Alert!!!!!” days.

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