Thank you, commissioners, for your saggy pants vote. Finally a little commonsense. Imagine a businessman wanting to locate a new business here and driving the streets and seeing that walking around. I know I would look elsewhere.

Albany addresses saggy pants and dangerous dogs. Meanwhile, crime laughs and sewage merrily bobs in the Flint as it moves faster toward total decay and third-world status. What was the commission elected to do anyway?

Squawker, be serious. The Wuhan virus is very deadly. Teachers, coaches, administrators and parents are understandably very afraid of the old “normal routine.” Me too! Your suggestion of Vitamin D, C and zinc for boosting immunity is OK but sure isn’t close to a vaccine, and kids infect us with this stuff 24/7.

The only little blue pill that I take is Aleve. It does me more good than the other one.

We need more well-thought-out editorials like the one written recently by Will Thaut.

Sagging pants, to quote Fergie, are so “2000 and late.” When my son was in high school in central Jersey, this was an issue with young men of all races. He has since graduated from college and been employed at least five years. It just seems, in the grand scheme of things, there are more pressing concerns.

Fletcher, shame on you. Hoarding your change has led to a worldwide financial crisis. I expect President Trump to start talking about the size of your hands or sending in troops to take away your change jar. Maybe he’ll finally get to build that wall.

Commissioner Young needs to learn to concentrate on the message rather than try to kill the messenger.

The difference in the way the Democrats and Republicans have handled their conventions says a lot about the difference in the way they would deal with the coronavirus in the future. The Democrats made the smart decision months ago and have stuck with it. The Republicans have let themselves be controlled by Trump trying to do what is best for Trump and no one else, and they have changed their plans multiple times.

I don’t want to know why mobs loot and destroy our cities. I would rather know why we allow it.

They say Donald does not care about anybody. That is not true. There is one person, well maybe two people, he cares about deeply. Putin first, and Roger Stone. Why is that?

It’s truly despicable that Nadler and his Democratic cohorts will not condemn the violent criminals all across the country, but they refuse to even admit there is a problem. Riots in Portland are a myth? Really?

Trump spoke with Putin eight times and did not talk to him about Russian bounties on our soldiers. You fake Christians gave us a traitor.

Albany can forget large industry. Good schools, quality political leaders, low crime and poverty rates are what progressive companies look for. There isn’t a governor and state legislature that will ever be able to turn Albany around. The majority of Albany’s citizens are satisfied with things like they are. P.S. MM and YT aren’t helping matters. Neither of them has a mirror to see the real problem.

We need is less talk, more music.

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