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Wal-Mart prices started going up before the tariffs hit. The $15-per-hour wage is part of the reason for the higher prices. When wages increase, prices increase.

Carlton, your article in Sunday’s paper was spot on.

It doesn’t matter what race, I am expressing this. I did not want Hillary Clinton to be president, and I do not want Michelle Obama to be president. Neither one is interested in being a leader — their only interest is making history at being a first female president and first, first lady president.

Sorry, Fletcher, I don’t buy what you say. There were lone shooters involved in the latest mass shootings. Neither I, nor anyone I know, had anything to do with it.

In your Aug. 11 editorial, you wrote the following: “The NRA, and the politicians they’ve bought and paid for ...” It is against federal and state law to bribe politicians and for politicians to accept bribes. Do you have information naming the bribed politicians that can be provided to the appropriate authorities for prosecution?

Yep, Luke Jackson is now your closer ... and those multimillionaires can’t even be relied on for mop-up. If the Braves even make the playoffs — even with that great offense they have — it will be one-and-done.

When America heads down the road toward bankruptcy, which it will, at least we can rest assured that we have a president who is very familiar with the bankruptcy laws.

Until the government provides me with a 24-hour trained officer escort for protection, I will practice with and carry a gun for my and my family’s protection.

I really think Mediacom should be ashamed. They keep raising prices for services they don’t provide. There is barely a day that goes by that all customers here in Albany and Lee aren’t without some channels for 30 minutes to several hours. This is the last season for many shows but you can’t watch them because the station is off the air.

Chemo kills 50% of cancer patients, Pot cuts cancer tumors by 50% in three weeks. Eat your heart out P.P.M.H.

One more time: Trump ain’t no racist.

Clean up the voting roles before the next election. I found my mother and mother-in-law’s names and they died in 2013.

Today in history, Page 2, Albany Herald, August 11, says that today is the 223rd day of 2019. Yet you state in your article that we have had 250 mass shooting in America this year. Well, I do not live under a rock, but where in the world did you come with that number? Were there secret “mass” shooting we do not know about?

Squawker says: Capitalists want everyone to be equal at the starting line. It’s called earning what you get, not having things handed to you. It separates good hard-working people from the lazy do-nothing people.

I trust a billionaire who became a politician a lot more than a politician that became a billionaire by being a politician.

Putting college students up in a hotel should not be, by anyone’s estimation, part of the educational process. We’re glad that enrollment is increasing at Albany State, but the college must have enough housing to hold its students.

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