A big shoutout to the law enforcement in Albany for last weekend’s drug and gun bust. These are great officers, and I feel safer knowing that they are in my corner. Keep up the good work.

Once again people are crying to stop the violence, but as long as your Democratic judges are setting murderers free, the violence will only get worse. If you want the violence to continue, keep voting Democratic.

Yes, do what you do, Trump worshippers. Attack someone who speaks the truth and calls you out on your foul language. Typical.

Squawker, I would be very careful with that talk comparing Trump to Biden on skill levels. Biden has publicly lied about his college education, mixed up his wife and daughter, forgotten the names of many cities and countries on live TV. Early signs of dementia.

It is truly a historic occasion: For the first time in U.S. history, the current president’s approval rating is the same number as his IQ.

It’s hard to believe past city officials allowed the sewer system to sink into such disrepair, but I am thankful our current leaders are doing something about it. I also think the story by Carlton Fletcher about the situation is one of the primary reasons we need a local newspaper. Thank you, sir, for keeping us informed in adverse circumstances.

Those two masked joggers were doing calisthenics, not kicking down a door. Quit being racist, bro.

It’s a shame how Albany Utility has mailed out these letters saying they’re gonna cut people off starting June 1 and even add a $30 fee. No sympathy. It’s been hard adjusting. They could have thought of other ways to help people to catch up. The commissioners are no help either, or they would have suggested to them to find other means to help the people of Albany to get back on track. Our commissioners could have helped with a lot more than they have.

Squawker: Yes, Trump tweeted Feb. 24 that China had been transparent because he believed Dr. Fauci’s briefings. Fauci praised China as late as March 25.

A “white-boy Afro?” I shudder to think. I bet you were a sight to behold back in those days.

I think American voters are suckers. After the pathetic and too-late Trump Virus response, he now promises a vaccine at the silly-sounding phrase of “warp speed.” If the Trump Virus vaccine is developed at his demonstrated “warp speed,” we won’t be seeing it this year. People want to believe their president, but have no reason to do so, as he has displayed a lack of leadership, lack of a quick response to this crisis, and his thousands of proven lies. Voting for him in 2020 is being suckered again.

Wearing a mask actually increases germs and bacteria. I’ve been social distancing from you yuppie hick liberals my whole life.

$27 million in a government grant from the Treasury Department went to a private jet company founded by Trump donor Hershel Lacy. Already wealthy Trump donors get access to millions of dollars while small Trump donors get access to hats, T-shirts, and MAGA COVID-19.

I’m still amazed at the people in Albany who are still arguing an election that was four years ago.

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Trump supporters welcome authoritarianism when their cult of personality orders it. Imagine tying your identity to this "president." It's a shame seeing that the Squawkbox still reflects everything that I disliked about Albany, and why I left as soon as I had the means.

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