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As a rural resident of the southwest corner of Georgia, we would be lost without the information provided during this uneasy and dangerous period in the history of our corner in Georgia. The nearly hourly updates of national medical and financial issues related to the deadly virus without a right or left political spin is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Albany Herald, for your efforts to provide each of us with facts to protect our families and our neighbors.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and the shelter-in-place orders that are going on throughout the world, it will be interesting to see if there’s a the baby boom in nine months. The babies will be known as the “Corona Pan Generation.” Let’s get to it everyone.

Our president conducts a press briefing like a fourth-grader gives a book report without having read the book.

Went to that sign-and-drive car place, I wanted to sign and drive, but the TV commercial never said anything about having to pay for the car. Bummer.

Thank you, Mr. Fletcher, for your wonderful article about the irresponsible pastors and spiritual leaders who encourage their flocks to continue to meet in large groups during these difficult days. Thankfully, the majority of pastors in our area care more about their flocks’ well-being and their neighbors’ health than about their egos. The Bible says, “love your neighbor.” This means stop meeting and reduce the spread of this virus.

Trump is like the mayor in Jaws who didn’t want to close the beach after the shark attacks because it would hurt the tourist industry.

Lee and Dougherty counties have issued curfews for 8 hours at night because of the coronavirus. Why these late-night hours? Is this the times you are most likely to get the virus? I see hundreds of people each day in stores, gas stations, in and out of fast food stores. etc. breaking the 6-foot rule. This is the times you will get the virus. Of course this redneck is not as smart as the politicians that run the various governments.

Releasing nonviolent prisoners from jail because of coronavirus makes no sense. They will spread it everywhere while continuing to break the law.

To the SMR who can count to three: You used the word “our” when describing the Squawkbox and as I have pointed out, it isn’t yours anymore. I know you and the other SMR’s/Trumpeteers feel bad because now you realize that, like Madoff investors, you have been conned. Based on the number of squawks directed at me, maybe I should apologize for how inadequate I make you SMRs feel ... Nah. Signed, Yours Truly

I don’t understand one team going out and installing new signs, but, leaving the old signs there for someone else to take down. Why not finish the intersection completely at one time? When the second team comes to take the old signs down, you have the labor to drive again from the shop to the site which is wasted, you also have twice the mileage on the truck. A taxpayer

Are gnats carriers of the coronavirus? If they are, whoo boy, we Sowegans could be in for it. If they are not, then thank you, Lord.

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Think in terms of working together during this crises. Quit your negative comments to the ones in office YOU don't like. Be Positive in Bringing All together to understand the COVID-19 issue.

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