What does having to show a membership card with your photo on it (aka your ID) have to do with Stacey Abrams? To my knowledge, members have always had to do this. And having Abrams’ private phone number helps you how? Need an ‘atta boy or girl?

It was interesting reading the first part of Sanford Bishop’s story. He’s definitely led an interesting life. But I have to admit I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

The Masked Man summed up his life in one word: “confused.”

This is an outrage. SMRs, if you support the pecan as the official nut of the state of Georgia instead of the peanut, your Squawking privileges should be revoked.

How come when a squawker posts intelligent comments that are not in line with the right-wing agenda, you squawker-bullies gang up on them? You did the same thing with the person you referred to as “Fake Christian Squawker.” Are people not allowed to have opinions that differ from yours? And you call yourselves Americans.

Amen, Fletcher. God has given us the brains to create a vaccine, but some people don’t use their brains.

For true Southern flavor, fry the biscuits till slightly toasted in the pan grease before putting the bacon or sausage on them. Good, but I never said it was healthy.

Why are there not many articles and photos of the children housed in overcrowded facilities at the border in the Herald and other newspapers? Why are we not seeing hours of TV coverage of what is occurring at the southern border? Do you know? Do you care? Speak up America.

At Albion College in Albion, Mich., a black man admitted to perpetrating a hate hoax. He painted racial slurs throughout the dorms, making it seem like KKK members had done it. He was arrested. People who do these false hate crimes should get 10 years in prison.

Remember this my friends: The KKK was started by Democrats and still exists. Jim Crow laws died in in the 1960s, thank God.

As a 74-year-old lifelong sports fan, I am dismayed with the way sports have gone. First was the NBA with their prima donnas, then NFL with their politics, now my favorite since the age of 6, MLB has lost its spine and wants to be part of a political movement. I am left with golf, which I have played exactly twice. At least they still have some backbone.

During a difficult situation in this country, Pelosi went home and ate fancy ice cream out of a $5,000 refrigerator, and now Harris has a situation at the border and she goes to Chicago and eats chocolate cake at the bakery. Way to go, Democrats.

I don’t care if it is your opinion, Fletcher, you have no right to say whether people should or should not get vaccines. When your DNA starts changing, we’ll see what you write.

So now, one SMR thinks Democrats are scared of a strong conservative Republican. When we find one, we’ll let you know. SMRs, you’re not in charge anymore, get used to it. From the blue state of Georgia, Signed, Yours Truly.

SMRs, ya’ll are just out of touch.

Several legitimate groups estimate unemployment fraud during the pandemic to be in the billions. This speaks heavily about a failed system.

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