I don’t care what color you are, if you don’t understand why sewer improvements need to be made in Albany, maybe you shouldn’t be on the City Commission.

Alan Mauldin really put in some good work leading into the Thanksgiving holiday. Finally, we see that there is actually movement on that Municipal Court case. Good job, Alan. The Herald proves that, even though their staff is limited, there are still professional journalists in the community.

The devil went down to Georgia, looking for a soul to steal. He tried to argue self-defense when it was obviously murder, and even talked about a dead man’s supposedly long, dirty toenails. The devil bowed his head because he knew that he’d been beat by truth and justice. That Vaccinated Man

Sweet column, Mr. Fletcher. Any woman who knows how to make chicken and dumplings is a special woman in my book.

Dove soap, Depends diapers, Gain detergent, Popeye’s chicken, and Old Navy advertising are trying, but no way can you make fat pretty.

Why did Gov. Kemp appoint a blue ribbon advisory committee, including ASU President Fedrick and Judge Herbert Phipps, to research the history of the names of colleges and buildings for the Board of Regents just to say, “Your work was valuable” but we are not going to change any names even though they honor former slave owners and people known for their blatant racism?

Before I went overseas in 1968, I went up to Pennsylvania to visit with friends. We went to one of the old-fashioned diners to eat, and I spotted chicken and dumplings on the menu. Thinking they would be like my mom’s, I got an order. Wrong! They were round and about the size of golf balls. I didn’t know whether to eat them or look for a putter.

Why am I not getting the Target sales insert in my Sunday Herald?

I’m sorry, Squawker, but you need to double check the definition of “socialism.” Those people who have put in to SS and are paying Medicare premiums are receiving a service they paid for. Those on Medicaid and who draw disability because they’re lazy members of society are the “socialists.”

Why is it that you can ask for and get Narcan for free in case your dopehead OD’s, but the poor diabetics have to buy insulin? Taking opioids is a choice, being diabetic is not.

Squawkers, a war hero actually does something when they go to war. Max Cleland blew himself up getting off the helicopter. That qualifies as a hero?

Just read where a squawker said that Herschel Walker would make a great Senator because his master, Donald Trump, has already told him what to do. A good example of slave mentality. This country needs Senators who stand up for what’s right, not what they are told to do.

Do these people who are crying about the pipeline as a way to try and cast blame on the president for high gas prices not know that the oil carried to Texas from Canada along that pipeline was not used domestically? All of that oil was shipped to other countries. Quit repeating Fox News talking points and do a little investigation of your own. You might find the truth is pretty interesting.

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