Facebook is afraid of English language words. They have banned the phrase “stop the steal.” They are terrified you will incite terrorism amongst the populace.

I hope everyone understands that the morons who had their superspreader event in the Washington capitol building will be going to the various state capitols in the next few days to make sure that they infect the absolute maximum of their fellow citizens. Thanks, you noble patriots.

I just reviewed my COVID vaccine at Phoebe. It was so organized and convenient. Also painless. Great job, Phoebe.

All of you that voted to put Democrats in charge are only getting a small dose of socialism with Big Tech shutting down accounts. This is in violation of freedom of speech. You can look for socialistic actions to follow. Goodbye, America.

MM, the media denying free speech to President Trump is merely an act of cowardice. Sort of like shooting an opponent in the back while he is waving a white flag. Is that what they taught you to rejoice in the Corps?

Colin kneeled to protest police brutality and was called disrespectful to the flag and lost his job. Now Trump followers went to the Capitol, left urine and feces, killed a police officer, beat police officers with the American flag, ransacked, stole items. What say you: Who’s the real Patriot?

It should surprise no one that Trump takes no responsibility or remorse for inciting insurrection at the Capitol last week. He instead thinks his actions were “appropriate.” And calling his second impeachment a “hoax” and “witch hunt” is typical. Pence‘s refusal to invoke the 25th amendment is also no surprise. Let’s see if enough GOP senators have the courage of conviction to vote Trump out.

I think that Tom Brady and Drew Brees will have their Gatorade bottles filled with Metamucil for this Sunday’s game.

Better keep a close eye on the $400,000 grant money.

According to CDC data, over 22 million COVID-19 cases did not die, of which 80% had mild or no symptoms at all, all without the help of a vaccine. So when experts such as Dr. Dianna Grant state that you need the vaccine to protect yourself, she is not being truthful. Healthy immune systems protect you, and the facts back that up. If you are immunocompromised, feel free to get vaccinated.

Just got my first COVID-19 vaccine shot. Thanks, Phoebe and Public Health, for a good experience. A well-run program inside and out.

Squawker, you are wrong in accusing Trump supporters of insurrection, sedition and domestic terrorism. The protest was peaceful except for the few who stormed the Capitol. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. President Trump encouraged peaceful protests, which is a far cry from BLM and ANTIFA, who destroyed so many cities with their looting, burning and killing this summer.

It’s simply not true that only those who “engage in illegal activities are killed by police.” People of color and peaceful protesters have known this for decades. And many, unfortunately, have paid with their lives. Thank God most “Blue Knights” do in fact protect and serve.

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