Resorting to a questionable suicide means some powerful folks are running scared.

Welcome all you new Albany State Golden Rams. It’ll take you a while to adjust to college life and Albany, but if you give it a chance, you will love it here and at ASU. Make your families proud!

The Ramily? Half of these new students will be back in Clayton County by October.

It’s not hard ... All you have to do is believe in Donald Trump, and he will take care of all of us. Forget “four more years” ... Trump for life!

Thank you to the woman that spoke with me on the 7th at the urology office. It was a pleasure talking Bible without either of us using traditions — just God’s true word.

I am really curious as to how ASU is short on beds with half as many students as was once there with ASU and Darton. If they are requiring in-town students to stay in the dorm rooms it would make sense, but such a waste of money.

Fletcher, I figured you for a Woodstock goer. I have to admit, though, it sounds like it was fun.

It’s amazing the xenophobes in this and other areas who whine about “foreigners” coming to this country when most of them — and their beloved dictator in the White House and his nude-posing wife — are descended from “foreigners.”

How nice. The racist Sons of Confederate veterans supports law enforcement. Wonder if their support is reserved for officers of a particular color.

Whenever you think the Albany City Commission can’t get more inept, the members make another short-sighted decision regarding alcohol sales on Sunday. They say you can vote to let restaurants begin selling alcohol 90 minutes earlier than now but say you can’t vote on package sales. If Lee County approves package sales this November, Albany-Dougherty will be surrounded by communities that allow packaged sales. Let the voters decide.

Citizens of Albany, feel free to come over to Lee County in November when we vote in Sunday alcohol package sales. Not everyone in Albany has the same opinion as B.J. Fletcher.

Braves fans, calm down. Yes, the bullpen is a mess right now, but that’s about the most exciting team in baseball. Just enjoy watching the talented players, cringe when the bullpen is used, and be a true fan, not the fair-weather kind many of you obviously are.

Let’s go back to a previous rule that states any foreigner wanting to move to the U.S. must have a U.S. sponsor to provide them with their housing and medical needs to get them started. How many Democrats do you think would step up to be a sponsor?

The Democratic candidates just can’t get Donald Trump out of their heads. They have no reasonable plans to help our country. And they push for attacks against conservatives.

If Albany really wants to do something about litter, they should look in the courtroom, where judges give trifling fines for people caught in the act. Some say “Poor people can’t afford to pay big fines.” Poor people don’t need to litter, then.

What happened to the T.V. listing on the sports page?

Guns are like parachutes. If you need one, but don’t have one, you will probably never need one again.

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