Thank God Albany police got that monster that killed Ms. Cole off the streets. Please, please, please, do not coddle this creature in jail. Anything less than doing to him what he did to that poor woman would be criminal. It’s time there was some real justice in this world.

Why is it that HBCU presidents in the South have to be driven like royalty by the police?

Some squawker (falsely) claims that Hillary Clinton believes God wants her to be president. (Sounds a lot like what the phony, so-called evangelicals said about Trump). Actually Hillary didn’t say that. Dick Morris, a former Bill Clinton political adviser, says Hillary Clinton believes God wants her to be president. You should stop watching fake, I mean, Fox News.

If the Democrats worked as hard at passing bills as they do at trying to destroy Trump, they might get some important bills passed like lower drug costs, trade deals, etc.

Squawker, many Republicans include God to use Him. They feel, as Christians, they have been given divine right to judge and control everyone’s life. They feel anointed to control a woman’s body, to determine everyone’s gender, to determine everyone’s sexuality, to discriminate against people’s economic status, to discriminate against people of color, to ignore issues that keep God’s Earth free of pollution.

Squawker, you’re insulting the public by thinking you don’t have to drive the speed limit set on Gillionville. It has nothing to do with going past an HBCU. Sorry you miss having an HWCU, which Darton never was. Maybe that was just where the officer was able to make the speeding stop.

Would someone please explain to me why evangelical Christians or Christians in general would approve of Donald Trump’s conduct? It surely has nothing to do with Christian values.

Trump launching his Black Voters for Trump Coalition in Atlanta. Some egg-head at Benedict College must have tried to educate Trump because he thinks black lives don’t matter, but black votes do.

The Dem0crats are getting another contestant into their primary, but they still don’t have anyone who could win against Trump. They all are too radical for the average American, and most of them prefer socialism over capitalism. That will never fly in flyover country.

Friends of the NRA is hosting gun sales for its fundraising campaign in neighborhood school buildings again. It’s scary that some adults need to see guns in a child’s safe zone. The group should host more weapon sales in churches, emergency rooms, police stations, business parking lots, hotel lobbies, shopping centers and movie theaters for safe zones.

Thank you, Sheriff Rachals, for patrolling Doublegate North. It would have only been a short time before these speeders killed someone. They are hard enough on the animals.

False information, lies, and corrupt processes used for the costly Russia Collusion fiasco. False testimony, lies and corrupt processes used for the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Now we have false information, lies and corrupt processes used again by the Democrats for the impeachment hearings. See a trend?

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