I guess if someone throws a little money to the anti-vaxxers the BS reasons they have for not taking the vaccine just suddenly disappear.

If the president can force you to get a COVID-19 shot or wear a mask, it becomes a slippery legal slope that can end with forced abortion or even forced euthanasia. The end result would be medical procedures by presidential edict.

I want to thank The Herald for being so PC and printing an article telling us “how not to be Islamaphobic.” For a second there, I thought the U.S. was attacked on 9/11 by Islam and not the other way around. Thanks for the reminder (heavy sarcasm). Why does the U.S. need to apologize for anything? We were attacked; hate is kind of a result of attacks.

If Albany area businesses who request that their customers wear masks would also require their employees to do so, that would be great. That Vaccinated Man

If Trump told his worshipers to get a shot, they’d fall all over themselves doing so. Such hypocrites.

Welcome to the world of dirty politics — Good Ole Boys, Southside Division — Jalen Johnson. It’s so sad that Henry Mathis, who can’t win an election, tries to send out false information in hopes that his flunky might win an election. Your day has long passed, Henry. Might as well give it up and be the “reverend” you claim to be.

Every morning I wake up in the blue state of Georgia, I can’t stop singing my favorite old country song: “Thank God and Greyhound Trump is Gone.”

America can’t survive another year of Democratic rule.

So they play the so-called black national anthem at NFL games now? Why didn’t the play the white national anthem? Why didn’t the play the Hispanic national anthem? Why didn’t they play the Asian national anthem?

The top five relics of the last 50 years: 5. The pay phone. 4. The electric typewriter. 3. The 8-track tape player. 2. The floppy disc. 1. Joe Biden.

Could it be that local law enforcement officials are members of these churches where preachers are illegally preaching politics from the pulpit? If they were true to the vow they made to uphold this country, state, county and city’s laws, they’d order cease and desist or make arrests. They’re not.

What message does it send to our enemies like China when our military cannot compete with a second-rate military in Afghanistan?

If a woman has a right to her body to end the life of her unborn child, then all people have a right to their body to decide whether or not to get a vaccine.

Wow, BJ, you’re surprised that black preachers are fighting against you? If that surprises you, where have you been the last several decades? Interestingly, one of those preachers you’re referencing made a run for office and was beaten like a drum by an older white lady. His influence, it seems, goes only so far as his church.

It’s interesting that they’re playing the “Black National Anthem” before NFL games. Pretty soon, it will be appropriate, as only black fans will be the ones who waste their money on this sham of a woke league. You’re already struggling, NFL, see how many fans you lose with this latest bull.

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Red dog

Winken & the Democrats to no surprise blame Trump for their failure of getting out of Afghanistan. Typical that Democrats can never accept responsibility for their own failures and always want to blame Trump and Republicans.

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