I guess all of the people who won’t be working at Fred’s are happy with the economy.

I’m so glad to see the article about BoDean & the Poachers. They are one of the best local bands around, and Brandon Fox is such a talented — and underrated — musician. Great job!

Unless you suffer from some sort of applicable disability that affects your ability to read, an Audio Book is pure laziness. Exercise your mind as well as your body.

Fletcher, some of your old-school remembrances are a little much for a general audience. Keep it G-rated.

Squawker, Marietta is a hands-on commissioner and one of the best. He supports the city/county partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs. Roger works with the American Legion, the Exchange Club, Kiwanis and Elks to serve area youth.

So Former Republican Gov. Mark Sanford from S.C. running against Trump is siding with CNN. First bad mistake.

If the Democrats were to pay sales tax at 8% on all the votes they want to buy through open borders, the amount collected would eliminate the national debt.

John Bolton gets it now ... you do what Trump says or you hit the road. We need to all do what our most glorious president wants us to do.

Many people seem unable to comprehend that passing laws will not stop criminal firearms violence. The only way to stop it is greatly increased numbers of law-abiding citizens armed and prepared to put a criminal shooter down quick. Prohibition alcohol and drug war laws failed and so will gun control laws.

Hilarious is when a bunch of people sucking off government handouts demand too see anyone’s tax return.

Yard signs during a political campaign indicate support. A recent squawk revealed jealousy.

I cannot understand why neither Steve nor Cokie Roberts has run for a political office of some kind. They seem to know all there is to know about running a great country like the United States. Even though their views seem to be one-sided.

Loved the Bodean & Poachers story. Also love their song “I Ain’t a Saint.” If you haven’t seen them play live, you should. They’re excellent musicians, and they play original music.

Did the squawker who commented about Roger Marietta putting up his signs expect Roger to be putting up signs for Chad Warbington?

Hooray, hooray! For the NRA! They will be our saviors when the government comes to take all our guns away. Oh, wait, it was Obama who was doing that. Now Trump and all his Congressional buddies who got rich off NRA handouts have ended that threat. But the NRA still needs your money ... just in case.

Hey, Starbucks, anyone who feels uncomfortable around police is probably a criminal.

It’s good to see The Albany Herald doing stories about local musicians. There are some talented musicians playing at local venues. The people just have to put down their damned cellphones and go out and do something rather than sitting around complaining about nothing to do.

Bolton was tired of briefing Trump with crayons, paper and scissors; he finally said enough.

Heads up, people. No Jeopardy on CBS. Channel off the air one more time. What is the problem?

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