Hey, Sanford Bishop, when is the date for your next “constituents” Christmas party?

What a horrible story about the young man who was arrested only because his name was in the APD data base. This is one lawsuit I see the city losing. Good luck to you, Mr. Martin.

I heard that all Harvey’s stores will be closed on Thanksgiving day to let the employees spend the day with their family. Great, I think all food and retail stores should close on every federal holiday.

There needs to be a way to hold all politicians to task for any and all promises made publicly during an election. So-called truth in advertising. Additionally, there needs to be grounds for a suit for any false statements made to disparage an opponent.

The Domestic Violence show on the Queen Bee radio station Saturday was heart-breaking but definitely meaningful.

Well squawker, alert: ASU has never competed with Albany Junior College (two-year degree programs). ASU has always been a four-year degree university. Maybe in your world and head, ASU will never reach the level of obtained respect for Darton. Bulletin: Other HBC Universities recognize us as golden, and we have graduates to prove it.

Gee, I wonder which commissioner is telling people he controls his ward and won’t let them get an alcohol license. He — and the other commissioners who are “paying back political favors” by voting with him — will be the ones who cost taxpayers when there are a rash of lawsuits from businesses denied licenses.

Animal Control has no place to take animals due to Albany Humane being closed for intake by the Department of Agriculture. Animal control’s hands are tied due to the poor management of Albany Humane Society board members. Albany needs an operational animal shelter.

Bumper sticker of the week: If you still support Trump, stay 500 feet behind. I don’t trust your judgement. That Masked Man

If you are considering voting for Biden and if he were to win, know that the current Trump income tax credit and child tax credit will disappear. So ignore their promise of no tax increases for earners of less than $400,000. The elimination of the above will cost you personally $2-3,000 per year in increased taxes. Democrats do not care about you, only your vote. Do your research; don’t be deceived.

I know Tripp Morgan has worked hard to bring quality entertainment venues to Albany. I, for one, consider Pretoria Fields my away-from-home place. I love going there. Good luck with your new ventures, sir. And thank you for giving Albany some special places.

Ironic, Trump’s medical COVID cocktail cure was made from aborted fetal tissue. Hypocrites Trump and Pence accept science that can treat them.

President Trump’s only plans are to rally more COVID infections to Florida, Pennsylvania and other states. But he and Mitch McConnell don’t have time to fund more relief to states, unemployed citizens, and hospitals because they really don’t care about ordinary taxpayers.

How can voters trust Trump to control the virus in the U.S. when he can’t even control it in his own White House? That Masked Man

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