The foul-mouthed Americus woman has had her 15 minutes-plus in the spotlight. Like Chief Scott said, let’s let this be the last we hear of her.

Joe Biden is not playing with a full deck.

Hey, want to hear something funny? Since Trump has put tariffs on all products made in China, the Trump voters don’t know the real reason why they are paying more at Walmart. LOL.

I find it amazing and sickening that people here are not concerned about the lives lost in the recent mass shootings, just who they can blame. Hitler would have loved these people.

I can remember when if you wanted to play on the varsity football team, you wore a white shirt and tie to class, kept a neat haircut and clean nails. Coach Cirillo randomly checked homework, and all your teachers immediately contacted him if there was any problems with school work. What the heck changed in 56 years?

Just get off social media and grow up.

Tara Dyer Stoyle: You’re not fooling anyone with your middle-of-the-road political babble. It’s obvious from your writing that you are another left-winger following the words of old hippie songwriters.

Only a shallow-minded fool would believe that more gun control laws would solve the mass killings by those who are mentally challenged and have a lack of respect for human life.

The way to find out if you are old is to fall down in front of a lot of people. If they start laughing, you are young. If they start running to you, you are old.

Squawker wants to know why the deficit has not gone down. Why doesn’t the squawker ask the Democratic Congress that question, then he might get his answer.

Here’s a way Donald Trump can keep his signature campaign promise: Grant every Mexican who works on his imaginary wall asylum after he’s put in a specified amount of sweat equity.

This is the fifth time since Trump became president the squawker has said this country is heading into a recession, and yet another 169,000 jobs were added in July, not to mention many businesses locating to Georgia creating jobs.

Socialism is everywhere: You pay property taxes to fund local education. You pay taxes for Medicare. You pay taxes for Social Security. You pay taxes for farm subsidies to farmers. You pay taxes to FEMA to pick up debris after storms. You pay taxes to fund loans and grants for college educations. If you don’t receive any of these benefits you’re not a socialist.

Some people accuse Trump of wanting to be a dictator like Kim or Putin. What’s so wrong with that, as long as Trump stays in charge?

Socialists want everyone to be equal at the finish line. Capitalists want everyone to be equal at the starting line.

Twitter, Facebook, Google need to broken up .Sadly it didn’t help with Bell South, though.

Where is the outrage over our district attorney, Greg Edwards, screwing up a case so badly a man accused of murder is turned lose on a technicality? This man was elected to keep criminals off the streets, not put the community in peril.

Haven’t heard much from King La’Keit Randall since someone brought up his military record. Do the letters AWOL mean anything?

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