We have been at this thing for over six months. Yet the city/county administrations still cannot get the virtual meetings right. Information Technology is a significant part of the Albany/Dougherty budgets. Clearly this is money that is not well-spent.

Mr. Fletcher’s column pointed out what many people see often. Entitlement can cause people to become selfish, lazy, unkind, ungrateful, and have no common sense.

The Democrats cheered Obama for using executive orders to help illegal immigrants, but condemn Trump for using executive orders to help American citizens. Yet another example of double-standard hypocrisy.

What happened to our banking system? The tellers are behind glass already. This driving up is a joke ... three rows of cars and two tellers with the waiting time 25 minutes during peak times. Open your lobbies.

Governor Kemp is unbelievable in his arrogance and child-like desire to kiss up to Trump. He said, “I think quite honestly this week went real well other than a couple of virtual photos.” Are you kidding? The problem wasn’t the photos, which a brave student took to show what was happening. The problem was the students weren’t wearing masks or socially distancing. How could our citizens have actually elected him governor?

Coroner Fowler is a coroner, he is not a medical examiner. An ME requires a medical degree, a coroner does not. Coroners are elected. ME’s are appointed. Coroners can order an autopsy but not perform one, a medical degree is required. One last thing: When did Fowler require the attention of a Kardashian?

Sorry, Yours Truly, but as usual your facts are wrong. To be a coroner in the state of Georgia you only have to have a high school education. It’s sad that condescension and smugness take precedence over truth.

What happened with the municipal court missing money investigation? Did the local deep state give it the deep six?

Someone needs to tell Tarlita McCrary of “Jesus Saves Ministry” how to wear a mask properly, or she will really need Jesus to save her from COVID-19. A mask is useless if it doesn’t cover your nose, which is what the picture of her showed her doing.

Leftists want you ashamed of your history. The academic left has been working for decades to replace genuine American history with false history designed to make Americans embarrassed to be American. Howard Zinn’s history of the United States and the 1619 Project are just two of these efforts.

President Clinton’s North American Free Trade Agreement and getting China into the World Trade Organization was the cause of many lost jobs for American workers. The Obama administration, which included Biden, ignored these offshore deals and it proved to be a disastrous event for the United States. Now Biden is campaigning “Buy American.” This is the two faces of Sleepy Joe.

Bo attacked Mayor Hubbard for the 13 homicides in 2019, and now we are up to 11 on his watch. White mayor don’t care.

Every time I hear or read of some Democratic/Liberal group saying “We demand ...,” I write a check for $1,000 to the Trump campaign.

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The only difference between Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton is their ethnicity, both are empty pantsuits

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