I love to see people win; let’s all go out there and be a winner today.

I’m not sure who is the more incompetent now ... the bozos that can’t deliver mail to the right address or those in charge of setting off the sirens and loudspeakers every time we have a thunderstorm come over.

Have you noticed Trumps fake Christians say everyone is lying about him and their supreme leader is the only one telling the truth.

You’re right, blacks kill blacks. Whites kill whites, blacks and whites kill blacks and whites. That is not the point. The point is people ithat we should be able to trust to protect us are killing blacks out of hate and prejudice and for too long getting by with it. There are many police who want to protect all people, but for the narcissists filled with hate and using their power and shield for protection, the time has come to be held accountable.

Many of these illegal immigrants act more American than our liberal Democrats do. I move that instead of deporting the illegal immigrants, let’s deport the liberal Democrats.

Albany State should set an example and disband and defund its police department.

John Bolton’s new book has brought out a lot of truth and embarrassment to the Trump administration.

Thanks, Carlton. Sadly, I understand why Floyd’s death is symbolic.

I don’t care for cops, but I will put a Back the Blue sign in my yard just knowing it pi--es you Marxists off! Thanks for the tip, pseudo-hippie.

Righteous man? What alternate universe are you living in? Your idol Trump lies all the time, puts his faithful at risk during a pandemic just to stroke his ego and makes them sign a release form for the privilege, is on his third trophy wife, has never even claimed to be a person of faith or acted like one. What you should do is pray to God for forgiveness for having another god before Him.

The dude on the Farah & Farah TV commercial is in need of a few dollars for a badly needed haircut. Please send $2 to their offices in Valdosta.

If you want to change the system, then you need to change the culture. It will change when you become responsible and decide you are no longer a victim.

Why is it that I see white young males pulling down statues in the name of Black Lives Matter? And why the statue of Ulysses Grant, who led the march in Georgia that won the Civil War, freeing the slaves?

Ironic, isn’t it? All these clowns tearing down statues and burning buildings are young whites who somehow think they’ll be viewed as “woke.” Black people are sitting back and laughing at their stupidity. For these “protesters,” Black Lives Matter is just an excuse to tear stuff up.

I hated that the Knobby Knees Festival had to be canceled, but the virtual festival was an excellent alternative.

I will follow my leader and not wear a mask. If this great man says there is no danger in going without one, there is no danger. All you liberals are wearing masks to try and make our great president look bad. It’s not going to work. He will be re-elected, and then we’ll move to get rid of the presidential term limits. Trump forever!

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