Who raised all of these pigs that don’t know how to use a trash can?

Shame on the Republican legislators and Gov. Kemp for their new laws restricting voter access and opportunity to vote. Shameful voter suppression.

What became of the investigation into the corruption involving the Municipal Court in Albany? Just who had what on who to get the investigation sidetracked? Were too many political names involved in ticket-fixing?

Yours Truly, you still have your head in the sand ... Democratic operating procedure. The hypocrisy of you and your ilk. When it comes to issues like the shooting and trying to take the moral high ground, not the people that were shot nor Trump. This local Bovine Scatology Artist is calling you and other D.A.D.s out for it.

Here’s the deal: Most of the 10 journalists who were allowed to make statements and ask questions at President Biden’s first press conference acted like they were playing softball at the family reunion. Grandpa was at bat so they lobbed easy pitches to make sure he didn’t hurt himself.

The new Georgia voter law makes it a crime to distribute water to voters standing in line to vote, for as we all know, providing water to people standing in line for hours leads to voter fraud.

Mr. smarty newspaper man, we don’t have to pick up our trash. We got folks who come along and do it for us. And I do love watching them going around picking up after me.

There is a drug dealer in Albany that can be tied to three deaths. Why isn‘t that bastard in jail? Their lives mattered!

D.A.D.s, I’m so proud of you for exercising your Constitutional right to choose to take the COVID shot ... You know, those pesky rights Democrats are doing their best to eliminate?

Media and public concern over dumping is fanciful. Pictures, video, police reports and filed complaints fall into the abyss of a failed system that exhibits no will of enforcement. Just pick it up and be happy. That works.

To the people who will win the Readers Choice awards in Sunday’s paper, congratulations. I hope I won this year.

Presidents in the USA are not elected to indefinite terms. Trump has already shown that he does not have the smarts or courage to lead this country. Repeating lies doesn’t make them true. But it does help your leader Trump rake in money for whatever grift he wants.

Harris is going to invite Bill Clinton to speak at a women’s function. That is like asking the fox to guard the hen house. What a ding-dong she is. Why not let him do the security at the ladies dressing rooms?

People with good sense should come together and cancel the cancel culture.

interesting ... since Democrats have taken control, Sanford Bishop votes straight along party lines these days. Just voted for the Dreamers bill, letting millions more illegals stay here for at least 10 years. Also voted for Farm Workforce Modernization Act, granting migrant workers freedom to do as they please with a new E-Verify status card.

When will people stop looking at skin color and start looking at the value of human life? Stop calling people racists.

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Tom Hanks is the finest actor, ever.Period.As proof, I offer this scene from "Cast Away, ". This title is two separate words for good reason. Anyone who has seen the movie knows this part.After four years alone on a uninhabited island, He paddles away on a rickety raft,falls asleep and loses Wilson,His companion & best friend, (a volleyball).The next few minutes or so is the best acting of His career. We see Him sobbing. uncontrollably, the audience knows He is not crying over a lost volleyball, He is crying because He is going to die alone after being lost at sea and His friends and family will never know how much He suffered .He slowly places His oars in the water and lays down to die.If you're not in tears by now, you're not human. A whale passing by sprays water on Him and alerts him to a nearby cargo ship,gathering all of what is left of his strength, he slowly raises an arm and softly cries out his fiance name,"Kelly!" Wow.

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