I’d take a bullet for my family. I’m taking the vaccine for my family.

Thank goodness for business people like Milan and Umong Patel, who are willing to take a risk to not only keep an important part of this community alive but to actually make it better.

How long before the Deerfield administration admits its mistake? I feel sorry for their overmatched football team.

I agree 100%; I don’t care about those who think Donald Trump should be king and those who will follow Joe Biden to hell and back. I’d much rather squawk and read squawks about our local governments, the mall shutting down, the election ... things that we can actually affect. Repeating party talking points is a waste of time.

SWGA lost a great leader in Butch Mosely. His service to us and our kids will be cherished and remembered. Well done, good and faithful servant.

I had a chance to visit the Rhythm & Ribs Festival in Tifton over the weekend. They know how to put on a fun, safe event. We need something like that here.

How sad is it that the biggest draw to Albany for more than four decades — the Albany Mall — is now under foreclosure? Thank goodness for businessmen like Milan Patel. Please, sir, bring it back even better than ever.

I noticed a pack of cheese with an expiration date of October 2020 at Walmart Neighborhood Market on N. Slappey, so I called it to the attention of an employee who was working in that section. She promptly told me she didn’t work in that section. I also told the cashier. Meanwhile, beware the cheese at Walmart Neighborhood Market on N. Slappey. That Vaccinated Man

$135/month? Between gas, groceries, and normal incidentals, try $323/month from a carefully tracked budget.

Scientists have yet to explain why you can have 300 people working in Walmart and over half of the registers are closed, including the self-service registers.

Carlton, don’t forget Albany Herald also established a “Brightside” section for good reports, but the complaints in the Squawkbox appear to be so overwhelming that many do not take advantage of that opportunity nor does the AH even open those “good news” requests in an expeditious manner.

I disagree with your column: I think you publish way more squawks by the Trump worshipers than you do anyone else. And, as you surely have noted, they all say the same things. Don’t you love how they try to cover for his illegal and un-Christian antics by saying, “We didn’t vote for a Boy Scout?” You sure didn’t.

Seven decades of sexual abuse of 216,000 to 330,000 minors by the Catholic Church in France. Seventy years? How and why do the leaders and so-called faithful followers of this cult continue to let this happen? Catholic leaders, including the Pope, knew about this and protected the criminal higher-ups in the church. And they wonder why church membership is going down to all-time lows.

Just heard the commercial again saying that only 35 percent of Dougherty County is vaccinated. Anybody who keeps saying that only conservatives, Republicans, and Trump worshippers are not getting vaccinated is a straight up idiot.

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