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I am still seething that the incompetence of our district attorney allowed a suspected murderer free to walk the streets. People wonder why criminals return to crime ... our justice system is a joke and an enabler.

Thanks, city or county, for fixing the ruts on Old Dawson Road.

The only reason Trump is considered racist is because the mainstream news media tells you he is.

That story in Wednesday’s Herald about entitlement zones made about as much sense as a typical County Commission meeting. I read it twice and still have no idea what it meant.

Georgia teachers getting a $3,000 raise? For the product they are putting out, they are already overpaid.

We have experienced 24 mass shootings in the last 12 months resulting in 100-plus deaths. When poor parenting is in place, young people are drawn to violent videogames, where killing is the norm. The time has come for parents and grandparents to step up in order to stop this pattern and the killing of innocent people.

Trump and his fake Christians are responsible for the rise in white supremacy groups in this country and their violence.

Where were all the gun-totin’ cowboys in El Paso who were supposed to use those sidearms they so proudly wear to protect people from events such as the one that happened Saturday? It seems they and all their NRA buddies are “all hat and no cattle.”

Seems every week that we hear news of many people dead. A lone gunman’s fascination with violence and bloodshed. From schools to churches to theaters and places in between. No location’s out of reach if you’ve got a magazine. We’ll think and pray for you. Only think and pray for you. Yeah, only think and pray for you. Though it’s sad, that’s all we do.

In Isaiah 45:7, “evil” is a mistranslation. Manuscripts say “tumult;” was probably same one that put “Easter” where Passover was correct.

Central American migrants mostly claim asylum here to escape crime in their countries. That is a strange claim considering that Afghanistan, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras each have less crime than Baltimore. So the asylum is actually for the welfare.

Trump has been compromised by Putin in the election. He and all of the Republicans are in denial. George Dubya would not be compromised by the Arabs that caused the 9/11 attacks. It’s all about leadership.

The Democrats are in a panic state. They don’t like any of their 20 candidates and some are trying to get Michelle Obama to run. Trump 2020.

Chicago has some very restrictive gun laws. So far in 2019, reported deaths by guns are 274 and 1,355 wounded. Laws only work when you are dealing with law-abiding people, or people who are extremely afraid of the consequences of the law. Neither seems to be the case in Chicago as far as gun laws go.

Politics is the second oldest profession. It bears a striking resemblance to the first.

Iran now is ready to talk, get their economy back from the brink. Amazing, the difference of carrier groups, resolve and crushing sanctions. Trump has stayed the course, used our power carefully. Keep that in mind when you tune in to see the Democrats’ choices for leadership. Biden? Warren? Kamala?

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