How wonderful to read such an uplifting story about DeAnthony Price, the ABAC agriculture student. I’m sorry some of his plans have been put on hold, but it’s obvious that whatever he tackles he will be successful.

You’re hilarious, Squawker, but obviously need to get some air. Nobody “told/ordered” that Marine to salute Sean Hannity as he boarded the president’s chopper. He just did. Sean has done extremely well without that college degree. Successful, respected, taxpaying citizen in the media business. Sure ruffled your liberal feathers good, didn’t it?

It doesn’t matter to me if all you weak, mask-wearing liberals get the Wuhan Virus, nothing will keep me from supporting the greatest president this messed-up country has ever known. I hope he changes the Constitution so I can vote for him again four years from now.

You’re right, Fletcher, no one supports these cowards who try to bully women and children. What kind of “cause” is that?

With some amusement I read Carlton’s editorial Sunday and his using “all men created equal,” which should have been “are created,” but the fact that good old Thomas Jefferson penned that line and it has been the sounding board for so many through the years. But today, horrors, old Thomas was a slave owner. Do they want to erase that line out of the declaration of independence also?

If Dougherty County will remove all resource officers, the graduation rate will zoom to 75%. These children will no longer be traumatized by the presence of a police officer. Good luck, teachers.

Thank you, Dr. Eddie Black and Mr. Scott Steiner, for laying down some truth about this virus that has not, despite what foolish politicians say, gone away.

How can “righteous” Vice President Pence, who claims to be a man of God and who won’t be in room with another woman without his wife; stand up for and beside, a man who blatantly and profusely lies and then regurgitates said lies? What a hypocrite.

The “virtual” Knobby Knees Festival Sunday was as good as (and in some ways better than) the regular festival. I prefer to attend music events live, but carrying the festival live on the radio and streaming it on social media was a great alternative with the pandemic still around. I kept waiting for a “weak” act, but everyone was good from start to finish.

George Floyd is a founding father of millennial America. We want a monument in every town.

The “War on Drugs” has always been a war against the American people.

I hope all the socialist-loving squawkers read Mr. Sandy Valdespino’s interview about how communism and socialism doesn’t work, and how life was much better under a mobster named Batista than a commie named Fidel. You people are truly ignorant and could care less.

So Trump began his presidency promising a (never delivered) wall to “protect” America from the world. He is ending it by building a wall to protect himself from Americans. What a pathetic excuse for a man. Did Mexico pay for this wall? No, taxpayers did so Trump can hide from people he claims to represent. Signed, Yours Truly.

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