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I like Ms. Hubbard, but I didn’t appreciate her team texting to my phone. I didn’t give them my #. Carlton, stick to your guns, oops, I mean opinions, and would Tracy Taylor’’s team please pick up his signs that are all over the place? The elections are over.

Dear Family and Friends: For those of you that might buy me a gift this year please send the money instead to The Salvation Army; they are “doing the most good.” I have everything I need and most of what I want. Thank you.

Doug Porter, you are a true Southern gentleman. Thank you for sharing your writing in the Herald.

Hey, County Commissioners: Instead of spending all of that money for a firm to do a pay study, why don’t you all do your own salary research on the internet. There are many websites that provide pay comparisons, including salary.com, payscale.com and glassdoor. Please save the taxpayers this money or put the money toward salary increases.

Attorney General Bill Barr should not only be removed from office, he should have to read the Constitution of the United States till he understands it.

Kudos to Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy for opting not to play in Saudi Arabia’s European Tour. The Crown Prince is a ruthless dictator. There’s no way journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered without his approval or knowledge. And despite Trump’s immediate defense of the Saudis, I believe the attack at the Pensacola Naval Air Station was an act of terrorism.

We live in a society where people use their $800 phone to check their food stamp balance. Their kids are still going hungry.

Democratic Rep. Karen Bass says House would impeach Trump again if he wins In 2020. Another reason to vote Republican in 2020.

To the patron loudly lamenting “the government doesn’t give me enough money” as she pulls out second EBT to complete grocery purchase, I give a big “bah humbug.”

I had a water break on the corner that I live on. I reported it, and city came out to repair it. The children catch the bus in that spot. They left an absolute mess. They left garbage in my yard. McDonald’s bags and other garbage. Red mud is everywhere . Neighbors are discussing how they left it. I tried call 311 back, but no one returned my call. I tried calling the maintenance office. All numbers were busy straight thru 5 p.m.

Apparently one squawker believes that the same people who voted for Sanford Bishop also voted for Donald Trump. That statement shows ignorance. This squawker doesn’t care about voter disenfranchisement, they only care about bowing down to Trump. In effect, they are telling Sanford Bishop, don’t represent the people who voted you in, represent the Trumpeteers instead.

Contributor, (you’re not a squawker), you are so right, Paul Eames was a wonderful man. He kept this poor mill village kid in spending money by employing me with the rec department during my teen years. I played Legion ball with him, and he became a life-long friend. Great Christmas tree story; Glenn, you are looking more and more like ole “Teddy Bear.” Merry Christmas to your family.

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