It’s always a pleasant surprise when the Herald has a column by Will Thault. He shows a very deep insight without pandering. More of him, less Michael Reagan and Byron York.

History was made last Wednesday that will never be repeated. The POTUS was impeached twice, and the Speaker of the house mobilized her party to impeach the President twice. Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi set the record that, I am sure, will never be broken unless the U.S. starts behaving like a third-world country.

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Pelosi and Trump walk the same fine line of narcissism, hunger for power and mental incompetence. There has to be checks and balances for people like this on both sides; unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.

President Trump has been impeached again. If you read the articles, you will find naught a valid charge, only a motley collection of specious arguments, using as a foundation the unbridled evil hatred of the DNC/far left for the president. The Republic and common sense are cast aside.

We don’t need less police, we actually need a lot more police.

Can anyone out there in squawkerland tell me why when my power goes out, even if it’s only for a second, my Dish goes off and the picture and the TV guide takes 10 minutes to come back up? In this day and age, this should only take a few seconds. Sounds like some serious upgrading needed.

I enjoyed Will Thault’s opinion piece. This is someone who obviously puts a lot of thought into his writing. I’d love to read more of him.

The calls for unity by the Republicans in Congress mean nothing unless they accept responsibility for, and publicly reject, “the big lie” about election fraud. That lie was one of the causes of the Capitol insurrection and underlies the threats of continued violence.

I will not be watching the fake news anymore. The happenings today was a pure lynching of President Trump by the Democrats and 10 so-called Republicans. Liz Cheney should be impeached.

Since when does a “D” or “R” beside a politician’s name mean that person will only make decisions based on party politics? That’s what’s gotten us into the mess we’re in now. With a 50-50 split in the Senate, here’s hoping decisions will be made based on merit, not the party line.

Don’t think he’s going to make it to Mt. Rushmore.

Yesterday I received my first COVID-19 shot at the Phoebe location on Third Avenue. Everyone I encountered there was very nice and super efficient. Phoebe CEO Scott Steiner is to be commended for the way this operation is conducted. I am confident that no one could do it better. Thank you, Mr. Steiner. Thank you, Phoebe.

Just got through watching the COVID-19 press conference where EMS Director Sam Allen stated again for people to wear masks. Mr. Allen, you laid your mask on a podium where countless hands have been placed, thus negating the purpose of the mask. It’s little mistakes like this that are spreading the virus, not people not wearing masks.

Donald Trump is a poor man’s idea of a rich man, a weak man’s idea of a strong man and a stupid man’s idea of a smart man. That Masked Man

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