I am one Lee County citizen who’s glad our Commission chairman, Billy Mathis, has stuck to his guns with all this mess going on around him. When our new hospital opens, he’ll be the lone person who can say, “I told you so.”

After Lee commissioners screwed us on the hospital, I wouldn’t give them the time of day. They really played all of us.

The joke with the Lee County Hospital continues on and on and on. Now, years later, finally accepting the fact that they could not find a partner, they are asking for more time to switch gears and try to open a nonprofit hospital like Phoebe. Ridiculous.

One side lies about stolen elections and poisoned vaccines. And the other side lies about voter suppression and climate change. Can I unplug from this version of the Matrix and find a better one?

I have to show a photo ID to my bank just to make a deposit to my own account. Using delusional Democrat logic, that is banking suppression and reeks of Jim Crow as it makes it harder for me to make a deposit.

I hope the United States realizes that our government is the cause of all the deaths and riots in South Africa. It has been a lawless country for years. We helped destroy the country and turned it over to rogue, corrupt leaders years ago.

Sold my house. A man came by and bought several items. Said he worked at the base. Thought I could trust him. Still owes me money. It was my fault for trusting. I always try to look at the good side of people, but not everyone has a good side.

Under the leadership of the King of Mara-a-logo we lost the White House, the House and the Senate. He is the reason Georgia has two Democratic senators. The GOP is on the way to becoming a permanent minority party.

Fletcher, I don’t know if your Wednesday column was written to try and make a point or to be funny. It accomplished neither. If you really threw newspapers at dogs, you should be ashamed.

Biden is calling for OPEC to produce more oil to reduce prices, but he wants us to produce less because of global warming. He must not know global includes the whole world. He wants a peeing section in the swimming pool.

Way to go, south Albany. A 6% voter turnout. Isn’t your commissioner whining about voting rights while trying to get his paws on some of those of federal handouts? Y’all sure showed how important voting is in your part of the county.

Forget Trump, Biden and all those politicians put together. Just sit back and listen to more Allman Brothers Band.

These climate change freaks are flying their jets and polluting the air to meet to discuss climate change. What hypocrites.

We’ve reached a state in life when we put our faith in men and politics and rail against people who don’t think like we do. If we all put our faith in God, we could solve all these problems brought on by the very men we idolize.

I would talk about how idiotic these people who comment in the Squawkbox are, but then that would make me one of them. I’ll just say 30-40 years ago I would never have imagined our country sinking so low, following corrupt politicians on “both sides of the aisle.”

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I am not surprised on the 6% turn out to vote. One mistake was made if you had one white person on ballot it would have been a record turn out. So as long as whites not on ballot our black communities don't care. History repeats.

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