While express household garbage pickup has had its ups and downs, the yard trash pickup here in the Westgate area has been excellent. The scoop-truck operator does a good job of even cleaning up the residue. I rate that service A-1.

Whose idea was it to sell 6 acres of Tift Park to the county so that it can build a tennis center in the middle of a largely empty section of Albany?

Joe Biden has no credibility to tell Georgia to “smarten up.” Rocks are smarter than Joe Biden.

You people praised Trump for everything he did and said, even if it was outlandish and detrimental to the country, and now you condemn everything Biden does, even if you benefit. Y’all really are sheep; you’ve lost your sense of direction and your (supposed) Christian values.

Concrete Enterprises garbage pickup started out great. But now it’s gotten lousy. Yard debris and appliances are everywhere. Why won’t they do their job?

“Factual:” Correct, Burkes was not out during last cycle, rendition not stated as in “last” cycle nor disparagement intended. Charity applauded. Point is the integrity of what BLM claims. Hard to swallow a cup of charity when served with two lumps of political agenda.

Kemp would rather lay blame on the cancel culture than Trump.

I guess the Squawkbox editor who has all power and prints anything and everything sent in by YT and TMM doesn’t really care about the facts.

Yes, I’ve heard of the term “eating crow,” and I’ve experienced Jim Crow. Sadly, it’s a part of the South’s legacy, along with the Confederate flag and the KKK. Kemp and his RINO conspirators have tried to rebrand it as voter reform. But let’s be very clear: The intent is to hinder or keep people of color from exercising the right as American citizens to vote.

Many people warned a year ago that world governments would impose vaccine passports, and we were called crazy and conspiracy theorists by the media. Now our predictions are coming true. The media cannot be trusted.

My name is John Doe. I hate Joe Biden, Obama, John Kerry and Michael Jordon. Today’s media headlines would read: John Doe is racist, he hates Obama and Michael Jordon ... the world we live in.

Millions that were working over a year ago are still without jobs. More than half a million homeless. Ten percent of our citizens live below the poverty level, and the government opened up the border. If Biden was worried about them not eating, why didn’t he send food across the border?

I will not be watching the China Olympics, period.

Terrorists have been caught trying to cross the border; this is due to the incompetence of the Biden administration for opening the border.

Biden, during your presidential campaign, you told the entire world that if elected you would open our southern border to anyone. Well, guess what? They all came, bringing with them their gangs, cartels, drugs, weapons, COVID-infected people, and other major problems. I’m not a big fan of Trump; however, he did have the problem well under control.

Come on SMRs, since Trump is gone you’ve got to adapt and overcome.

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