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How outraged would evangelicals and other right-wing pundits be if President Obama had treated church like the nineteenth hole, as Trump did?

I see that in the last 10 months, Georgia food stamp recipients have been reduced from 1.55 million to 1.38 million, a reduction of almost 200,000 people. A George Mason University study says Georgia work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents is the biggest factor. Seems that with some of the folks that received food stamps, when work is mentioned they stay away.

If the women of this country want an abortion, then they should be the ones responsible for all costs, not the taxpayers. Think about this, taxpayers.

School zones are not about protecting children. They wouldn’t walk to school. It’s all about revenue. They would be more accurately named revenue zones. Just because a school closes is no reason to discontinue the income from someone driving 30 miles a hour.

Sheesh ... the guy who posts comments everyday below the Squawkbox.

My family and I had one of the best demonstrations of customer service that we have seen in a long while at Home Depot. Thank you, Donna and Jay, for making sure that you show appreciation, support and helping hands for your customer. All that you did is greatly appreciated.

Did I miss something? When is the crossover under the Expressway from the mall area to Ledo Road going to be started?

I’m still amazed at the gullibility of some people, especially the ones who continue to refer to Donald Trump as a Christian. He’s anything but, yet you insist on calling him one to placate your reverence of this awful person.

Dan Brewer and American Legion Post 30: You guys are true Americans. What you did for that lady in Tifton is nothing short of amazing. God bless everyone involved.

Thank you, Carlton, for taking the “uninformed sources far from the situation” to the journalistic wood shed. Integrity counts.

Please, no matter how well-intentioned, balloon releases are littering and endanger wildlife.

Abandoning capitalism and converting to socialism would be very difficult for me. I am addicted to luxuries like food, clean water, electricity, toilet paper and shoes.

The traitor in chief just said he would take dirt on his political opponents again from a foreign country. How do you fake Christians justify this?

I’m not a Democrat, nor am I a Republican. I am an American. I think Donald Trump is a shameful excuse for a human being, much less the president, but I’ve seen no Democrat that offers anything better. Our country is in big trouble.

The Democrats want a $15 minimum wage. Would $30 be twice as good? The only problem is what is going to happen to the unskilled folks that are unable to produce enough to merit $15 or $30 per hour?

To the squawker obsessed with the alleged Trump lies: The other squawker nailed it. Whether Trump lies one time a day or 50 times a day, the bottom line is he is doing what his voters voted him in to do.

The mayor may love it when a plan comes together, but how does she feel about a community that’s crumbling down around her? Wake up, Mrs. Hubbard, and you other commissioners.

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