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I looked at the length of Tom Seegmueller’s flood story and asked, Who can read all that? I did, and I’m glad I did. It was a well-written, compelling story. Good job, sir.

TV has become the biggest scam on the public. With ever-increasing access prices, 50 percent of program time being commercials, majority of channels showing either 1960s reruns, reality and talk shows, or the selling networks, TV has worthless monetary and intrinsic value.

Our women’s soccer team is fighting for equal rights. Trump and his fake Christians want them to stay in the kitchen.

If the Herald had a “Dumb Squawk of the Week,” the fake Christian squawker would win every week.

At the founding of the American Republic, there were only four federal crimes: treason, counterfeiting, piracy and crimes against the law of nations. Now there are 3,000 federal crimes and an estimated 45 million laws – state, federal and local. God gave us only 10 laws with which to live our lives. If people would obey those 10, no more would be necessary.

Those pictures in The Herald and on the website sure brought back some memories. Thanks for remembering the 25th anniversary of the flood.

The U.S. no longer has an office of president. From the moment a president is elected, he continuously defends the integrity of his election against attacks and spends a majority of his time running for or framing every decision for his re-election. Due to politics, we no longer have an effective executive branch that can lead this country.

Dear Democrats: You have it exactly backwards. America is successful in spite of government, not because of it.

Hey, Mediacom, what is your problem with losing the CBS signal?

Kathleen Parker’s title is correct. The Democratic candidates are a galaxy of stars who are so far removed from the middle-class Americans that they will guarantee that our closest star, Trump, keeps on shining after 2020.

I was listening to a radio station out of Tifton Saturday and they played some amazing rock music, music that you don’t hear over and over. I’ll keep listening.

The glowing praise of the Veterans Administration in Monday’s Herald has not been my experience.

There really isn’t a plan to eliminate student debt. Only a plan to transfer the debt from those who currently owe it to the rest of us.

I hope the U.S. women’s team doesn’t expect me to congratulate them. I will not support anti-Americans.

My wife asks me to remind her of stuff. That way if she forgets, it’s my fault.

Oops, Michael Reagan had to climb down off his all-Republicans-are-right-all-the-time bandwagon when he realized the real Reagan had been a supporter of continued immigration. I’m sure the Trump worshipers will spin that.

The local radio stations — country and rock — play the same songs over and over, even the so-called Classic Rock station. When will we get real radio?

I wonder if those Revolutionary War heroes had to check their rifles at the airports.

Great stories about Tifton’s Tap House. I’ve been there, and the food and atmosphere are great. Albany?

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