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Rational gun control may be needed. However, not one of Harris’ proposals would have stopped the murders on Cherry Ave. That is not the problem, nor solution. No one is asking the right questions or willing to. Maybe the police officers that are cursed, harassed and shot at will protect and solve your problem.

Another nonprofit in Albany, SOWEGA Rising, to ask for taxpayer funding. One of the areas they would like to address is “real” crime numbers in Albany. Are you saying our police do not report accurately? Nonprofits should have to release the salaries of their top employees, and that includes preachers at every church.

Did Alan Mauldin attend the same Albany City Commission meeting I did? At the one I went to, the commission voted down the Sunday liquor sales measure, not the one he went to.

Apparently the #MeToo movement does not apply to Don Lemon of CNN while it did apply to Justice Kavanaugh. When someone accuses someone of a sexual assault, according to the Democrats, they must be believed. Will CNN live up to their standards?

Nobody is being fair-weather Braves fans. Just would like a half-decent bullpen. Is that too much to ask?

Connect the dots in the Epstein case. The justice department is in charge of a federal jail, Barr is in charge of the justice department and Trump is in charge of Barr. Think about it. Dump Trump!

I read in The Albany Herald that the Dougherty Trojans had beaten Booker T. Washington 14-0 in preseason scrimmage in Atlanta. Does our school system have so much money that they can afford to transport a football team to Atlanta to play a meaningless scrimmage? What about insurance costs for the player?

Now that it is all over with, can the BOR just admit the Darton-ASU “merger” was an ASU takeover? Look at the freshman orientation/move-in pictures and tell me how “diverse” it is. Darton was a school for everyone. It was actually diverse.

How can a veteran reporter get the outcome of the City Commission vote so wrong? Was this man paying attention?

That squawker who said that Trump was “a man of God” leading the country back on the path of righteousness brought us laughter. Trump, a longtime racist who hung around with pedophile Epstein, never attends church and regularly takes the Lord’s name in vain. Sounds like a route to hell and the devil to us Christians.

Turns out Alan Mauldin’s report on the Albany City Commission meeting was fake news.

You Democrats can figure and guess and talk about social issues and gun control and such, but the fact is Donald Trump will be president of the United States for at least five more years.

Does everybody not see a problem here? A juvenile is out riding his bike at 11:30 on a school night. He gets shot. Is there not a curfew? We need to hold the parent(s), guardian(s), or whoever else is the adult accountable. If we start demanding that the adults do what is expected, things will change in Albany.

The arrogance of the Albany’s third ward Commissioner is astounding. No one voted for her to speak on behalf of all alcohol package store owners.

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