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I am a Republican, but I don’t let my fear of the Democrats blind me to the truth. Trump has crossed many lines since becoming president, but what he’s doing now is devastating. He started with Russia and now has asked Ukraine and China to meddle in the affairs of our country. Their record of abuse to the people that disagree with them is heartbreaking, disgusting and reprehensible.

ChalkFest was one of the most fun events we’ve had in Albany in quite some time. Carlton Fletcher’s story and photographs in Sunday’s Herald captured the event perfectly.

Have you ever considered Albany’s “best and brightest” youth leave because they are?

Trump asked for Hilary’s emails, and now Congress is asking for his phone logs. Trump used Bill Clinton’s mistresses and his impeachment to attack Hilary. Trump is sued by his ex-mistresses and women he molested. And now, he too will be impeached by the House for abusing his presidential powers. What’s next, karma?

The Democrats have whistleblower No. 2 waiting in the wings in case whistleblower No. 1 doesn’t work. Then it will be No. 3 and No. 4 ...

As a faithful reader of Barry Levine’s “Old Rocker” columns, I was saddened to learn of his passing. Your tribute to your friend was well-written, Mr. Fletcher.

I hereby challenge T. Gamble to do a blind taste test of a Whopper and an Impossible Whopper. If he guesses wrong, he has to write an apology column. If he guesses correctly, I will take back all of the nasty things I’ve said in response to his inane columns.

Our highest praise goes to Dr. Fred Freeland, his staff at Pet Partners, and Mitch from Cat Nappers for the dedicated hard work done to reduce the feral cat population in and around Albany. Time, effort, MONEY, and volunteers are needed to care for these colonies afterward.

Grown young men from Westover bucket-begging at Dawson and Westover. Educational/leadership incompetency in sanctioning it, and many ill lessons learned in doing it. But then again what do I know? The children of my dad’s generation at 17 begged dry socks in Italian trenches of mud and snow and on liberty ships in the north Atlantic.

Let me get this straight, Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid if Ukraine doesn’t stop the investigation into his son’s shady deal, and he bragged about it on national TV. That was OK, but Trump is not allowed to ask them to resume the investigation because it may incriminate a guy running for president?

The corruption that Trump and his family continue to get away with is much, much worse than anything the Bidens have done. Trump has been corrupt his entire life. He brags about it. Trump’s hypocrisy is almost beyond belief.

I freely admit I am technically challenged. However, over 50 years ago I made a startling discovery that the present-day geniuses have yet to connect with. That little stalk to the left of your steering wheel that goes up and down and has hardly changed for that same 50 years is capable of letting others know whether you are turning left or right when you are driving. What’ll they think of next?

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