Is Commissioner Langstaff ever going to speak again at a City Commission meeting?

You know the “cancel culture” led by Black Lives Matter has gone too far when liberal icon Noam Chomsky even condemns their actions. You politically correct far-left liberals are gonna lose a ton of moderate votes if you keep this up.

Yes, we are guaranteed freedom of speech. But intelligent people understand that it does not include freedom from consequences. An employer has the right to terminate an employee whose speech or actions might be damaging to their business. You wouldn’t keep an employee who spoke rudely or hatefully to a customer face to face. Why would you keep one who spews hate on social media? This is not an effort to deny anyone’s rights. It’s an effort to keep customers.

If the governor asked for examples of national leaders encouraging people not to wear a mask, why didn’t you give him some? Should have been simple.

I couldn’t agree more with the squawker who complained about people not turning their headlights on when it’s raining. This is also true at dawn and dusk as well as when conditions are foggy. Headlights serve two purposes: They help you see, and just as importantly, they help you to be seen by other drivers. Turn your lights on ... That Masked Man

Just read where male hummingbirds are starting to head down to Central/South America for the winter. They leave before the females. Male hummingbirds must be a lot smarter than male humans. By leaving first, they do not have to listen to the females telling them what direction to fly.

You whiny leftists better hope Donald Trump is re-elected. Can you imagine America as it is today under that weenie Joe Biden? This whole thing would crumble into anarchy and the Russians would take us over.

Way to go, Billy Mathis. Try to distract everyone away from the fact that the county has done nothing to start building that alleged hospital by making Phoebe the big bad wolf. It ain’t working.

Masked squawker, your wish was already granted. President Trump approved the “removal” of Iranian General Solemani by U.S. intelligence. This guy was responsible for hundreds of U.S. military casualties. Obama and the Democrats did nothing about him for eight years.

There is more coverage about a white woman calling 911 about a black man birdwatching than there is about three young black children killed earlier this week. Nothing in the Albany Herald.

Our mayor does not show the same respect for Commissioners Fuller, Fletcher and Langstaff as he does Howard, Warbington and Young because the former three commissioners don’t suck up to him like the latter three do.

There are fools, damned fools and then there is Yours Truly.

Code Enforcement needs to do it’s job and get these fences back up around backyard swimming pools. It has been long enough, and this is extremely dangerous, especially at this time of year.

So many people scrambling to get their books about the Trump family published, trying to make a quick buck. I think I will jump on the Trump book-writing bandwagon.

Who was That Masked Man?

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