I see where WALB and United Way are starting to ask for donations of school supplies. I guess those checks for $300 that mothers received from the taxpayers this week was not enough. So they ask hard-working folks to spend more money on free stuff. Remember people, United Way CEO Brian Gallagher’s salary for 2019 was $1,578,515.

Frankly, Fletcher, I was surprised by your column in Wednesday’s paper. How anyone could call you racist, I’ll never guess. But you’re right. People who throw down the race card are often trying to cover their own racist feelings. And, so you know, hater, I’m a black man who knows this man’s heart.

Why is it that at class reunions you feel younger than everyone else looks?

No, I don’t go out like I used to, but I do get drunk at home and listen to the same Pink Floyd album on repeat, so I’m fine. That Masked Man

Those Texas Dems that fled Texas are infecting everyone with COVID-19. Now even Nancy Pelosi’s aide has been diagnosed with the virus after being in contact with them.

Excellent article on City Commissioner Jon Howard’s decision to get healthy. That’s the kind of story that inspires people. Thank you, Mr. Howard, for sharing your story and Mr. Mauldin for telling it so well.

Email of the week: “When I die, don’t let me vote Democrat.”

Let’s thank Trump’s Operation Warp Speed for getting us the vaccine. Let’s thank President Biden for opening our borders, allowing anyone to pass through unvaccinated with COVID and shipped all over the country. Biden should say I want to thank President Trump for the vaccine, and my job is to get it into as many Americans’ arms as possible.

It is condescending for folks to say they are not capable of obtaining a photo ID or Social Security Number because they are black.

I was impressed with Mr. Latham Saddler during his visit to Lee County Tuesday. He is the kind of politician I can get behind. Right now, he’s got my support.

Read the news folks. We now know what the Democrats are all about. If you are not a Democrat or do not agree with them, “Die.” How is that for a supposed human being?

Why are taxpaying citizens and businesses fleeing Albany and Dougherty County? Answer: Crime, gangs, drugs. Public safety is the responsibility of law enforcement, the DA, our judges, the mayor and elected commissioners. It’s time to get tough.

I’m in ... no more long fast-food lines for me. Everyone join in.

Latham Saddler is a true American hero. He’s the kind of leader we need to replace Raphael Warnock.

Democrats voted. Come on, President Biden, do your job as you swore to do on inauguration day. Protect the American people, not the illegals. Republicans are standing by to help if you and your Democratic friends can’t handle the situation.

Yeah, NFL, go ahead and play the Black National Anthem before your games. I’ll be working in the yard or taking family trips on Sundays. The league has given in to demands of these pampered behemoths too long now. ... I was on the verge, but now I am giving up on this sport. Good luck with your ever-shrinking fan base.

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