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Why is it always “our” side of town until it comes time for work to be done? It becomes “ours” again when the work is finished and there are handouts.

“Our lives begin to end when we become silent about the things that matter.” Martin Luther King Jr.

When is the last time you prayed for our city and our country?

Back in the late ’80s, the church at the corner of Partridge and Westgate had a small school and requested the city put a school zone with reduced speed and flashing lights on Westgate. They also requested and got a school crossing guard. In the early ’90s the church closed and was sold to another denomination which has never had a school. For 25-plus years we have had a school zone, flashing lights and a school guard who does nothing but sit in his truck.

The Patriot players need to learn to leave their aggressiveness on the field and not bring it to a business trying to collect donations from the public as they exit the business.

Since Trump has given us a tax cut and he has created all these new jobs, can any Trumpsters explain why the deficit has not gone down but increased? Economic theory indicates that if government gives a tax cut to create jobs, that tax collections go up to pay off debt and stimulate the economy. Bill Clinton’s tax-cut created more jobs and even created a surplus. Any conservatives care to reply?

Let’s see, if all the good citizens in the El Paso Walmart had been armed, there would have been only 19 deaths instead of 20.

Why did ASU have a 5K the same day as the Back the Blue 5K? Ridiculous.

You can calm down, Trump worshipers. With the performance of Democrats in the last ridiculous debates, Trump can literally shoot someone on the street and still get elected.

Fletcher, I don’t always agree with you, but I do applaud you for standing up for who and what you believe in.

Rather than accepting full Medicaid expansion, Georgia is now trying to get waivers to provide an “ObamaCare Lite” program that will leave thousands of the working poor uninsured.

Saturday morning when we were at Sam’s, the Patriots football team was there raising money. It’s good that they were out as a team raising money, but they were very aggressive asking for donations when we were trying to leave. The coach was the most aggressive.

The Democrats don’t have a platform to run on, they only have one to run against. Trump’s government. To try to equalize everything, what you do is call everybody a racist that disagrees with them. Will that win them votes? Not a chance. They are only using black people for their votes.

Even the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee documented massive Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Yet we seem to have squawkers who still don’t believe it happened. Maybe we actually have some Russians who are squawking in Albany just to create conflict.

Doesn’t $#!&-for-Brains realize that we are paying his tarrifs, not the Chinese?

My utility bill went up a hundred dollars last month and another hundred this month. I would be glad to have a solar farm in my backyard, if it meant my bill would go down.

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