The mind control is already in place. A squawker accuses Democrats of “having no intention of accepting the results if Trump wins.” Trump has been planting the seed of mail-in ballots being ripe for tampering for months without proof. He even said he didn’t know whether he would accept the election results if he loses. Given tampering by Russia in the 2016 elections, Democrats would not be doing due diligence if they didn’t contest results.

The Herald gets thinner and thinner and prices get higher and higher. I thought part of it might be COVID-related, but sports are coming back and the Herald has articles on the NFL and college football, which are not playing. Nothing on the Braves, who are playing.

On Nov. 3, if there is a tie vote in the Electoral College, the decision goes to the House of Representatives. You know Nancy and the Democrats have the majority.

We need business leaders in Atlanta and Washington. They know how to solve problems quickly. At present, we are stuck with bought-and-paid for lifetime politicians with no vision and no bias for any action whatsoever.

Fellow IQ-199 squawkers: Check the latest. Minneapolis police and the FBI have identified “umbrella man,” who burned the Auto Zone building to the ground for George Floyd during those riots. A 32-year-old Hell’s Angel wearing all black and carrying an umbrella.

Viewers of Tuesday’s City Commission meeting witnessed yet another example of city administrators looking out for their own interests rather than the good of the residents of Albany. Micromanaging indeed.

Over 150,000 American deaths, and Trump is singing the praises of this year’s Miss Cleo and continuing to promote hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for COVID-19. The way he’s pushing this, Trump must have stock in the company that makes it. Rep. Gohmert who refused to wear a mask has, wait for it, tested positive for the virus. But, get this: he blames it on wearing a mask. This man is a member of Congress?

Saggy Pants should be a home-training Issue. No one should walk around showing their underwear nor their bare behind. Commissioners should have more important issues for discussion than saggy pants. Our young people are being gunned down almost daily by each other, Demetrius Young. And Mr. Pratt, you are a college instructor. You all should be part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

An SMR responded to my squawk ... I understand, you can’t help yourselves and are drawn to me like a moth to a flame. But you lied in your squawk. I didn’t say I don’t care about you, I said you think about me way more than I think about you. This SMR lie is making me coin a new phrase, SMLR, which means Small Minded Lying Republican. Signed, Yours Truly

Will Thaunt is right that our founding fathers had strong Christian faith. However, to prevent religious zealots from turning this new country into a theocracy, they did not include words like God, Christianity and Bible in the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment ensures that the government does not endorse any religion.

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